How to Get The CHEAPEST Football Shirts! -SAVE LOADS!

every single day of my life i get asked the same free questions question number one ellis how old are you i’m 23 years of age i know shut it shush there’s no need anymore i look young question number two ellis how can i tell if this football shirt is fake well you’re in luck i made a video on this it’s linked in the description covering how to tell if any shirt is fake question number three ellis where can i get football shirts for cheap well lucky for you you’re in the right place yes guys so this video is doing exactly as the title says it’s an entire video dedicated to showcasing where you can get the cheapest football shirts we’re going to be covering both retro and vintage shirts and also new shirts so hopefully there’s a deal here for every single one of you just before we jump into the tips and tricks for how you guys can get cheap shirts this video is actually sponsored give me a second i realize that you guys really wanted to see this video and then when i was planning it i realized this video has the perfect sponsor eminem direct those of you that are familiar with the football shirt space will know that eminem direct are incredible for football shirts and i’m very happy to say that they’ve agreed to sponsor this video eminem direct are linked at the top of the description straight to their football shirt page where you guys can see just how many amazing deals they have for football shirts on site a great example for some of the amazing deals they have can be seen on screen right now where i managed to pick up two gromio shirts for 24.99 each that is genuinely ridiculous value also the great thing about eminem is the fact that you can get unlimited next day delivery all year round for just 9.99 so you pay a one-off fee then for the rest of the year you don’t pay any delivery and it’s all express that is amazing anyway huge thanks to eminem direct for sponsoring this video check them out at the top of the description and we’ll hear more from them later in the video i don’t really have anything more to say let’s jump straight into this with my tips and tricks starting with how you can get the cheapest new shirts right so i think it makes sense to start with the sites where you guys can get the cheapest new football shirts first up is maybe surprisingly classic football shirts i know what a lot of you are thinking ellis they’re the biggest platform for used football shirts and retro shirts why would they be good for new shirts a lot of the time their clearance section is amazing for new shirts as you can see here if you go to the clearance section there is a new shirts option so we click that and you can see if we scroll through here there’s several newer shirts on this site you can pick up really cheap brand new with tags as well um they also have some great sales for example right here they’re the brentford goalkeeper shirt from 2018-19 so what they do is they get the season before and the season before that stocking and they have it really cheap and you guys can pick yourself up a bargain it’s a great place for you to pick up some weird shirts like the venezuela away shirt 17.99 there’s some decent enough deals on there if you look hard enough you’ll find yourself a decent shirt likewise you can say the same for vintage football shirts they’re like another classic shirt seller but they also have some newer shirts on there um decent enough prices like qpr away shirt from 1617 for 15 quid um palace player fit shirts 15 quid that’s a good deal so likewise the same with vintage and classic football shirts they have newer shirts there you can pick up for a decent enough price another thing to consider now that we’re in the second half of the football season is the end of season sales for may when clubs and kit suppliers and manufacturers are trying to sell off their shirts from last season because obviously the new releases are around the corner so if there’s a shirt you want right now that say for example is 70 pound you’ll probably be able to get it for around 40 to 50 maybe even cheaper at the end of season sale maybe you might not you know don’t don’t hold me to that and lastly my main recommendation for new shirts is genuinely eminem direct i know that some of you who maybe aren’t in the shirt space are probably thinking right now this is only because he sponsored but as i said in the intro as soon as i realized i was doing this video i reached out to them and luckily we’re able to work together on this because some of the deals they’re insane like genuinely mental on this note due to their prices being so cheap be sure to follow them on twitter because they always tweet out when a new drop is coming and sometimes shirts come and within about five minutes like large medium xl smalls they’re just gone because the prices like i said before they’re just some of them are mental if you look on screen right now you can see for example they’ve got nuremberg’s home jersey for 14.99 as well as their away jersey and their third jersey they’ve got schalke home free match tops for 11 pound 99. they’ve got bayern munich training tops for 24.99 the thing i love about eminem direct is that a lot of the time the stock is just stock that you wouldn’t expect to see for example they’ve got the psv away shut here for 16 pound 99 followed by shaper coenze’s third shirt for 24.99 and then they’ve got napoli’s goalkeeper shirts for 17.99 they’ve got jamaica’s home shirt for 21.99 that is a great deal as i said before guys make sure you’re fast with eminem direct because they do sell quickly as you can see with this jamaica shirt because it is a great deal like like medium large and triple xl have all sold out leaving xl and double xl for you so they are my main pick for the best place for new shirts and once again i’m aware people will be saying it’s because you’re sponsored but genuinely they’re great also before we move on to the best way to get used like retro vintage shirts such as these ones another twitter account you should follow is kits buyer linked in the description this is a great account to follow on twitter because he’s always sharing new deals and just odd deals that he finds he basically spends his time finding deals on football shirts for example he tweeted out here you could get the italy away shirt for 18 pound and you can get the holland away shirt for this season for 28 pound um he’s found great deals like this man city shirt for 11 pound like he is i don’t know how he does it but he’s basically a robot for sure deals right so i hope them tips were really helpful for you guys and i also know a lot of you watch these videos for the older retro shirts so hopefully these tips i’m about to share now are also really helpful right so in my opinion and based on my experience dealing with them the best place to get cheap used retro like vintage shirts is northern ireland classic shirt company and i’ll show you why because if we go into the new shirt section i’ll be able to show you guys some of the deals they get here you can get the england 1993-94 shirt for 45 pound next to it you can see you get the brazil 00202 shirt for 55 both of which are great deals comparatively you can get a player issue italy training shirt from 1986 for 70 pound a very iconic arsenal shirt the 0.405 away with the long sleeves very unreask for 75 basically in my opinion and for the stock they can source their prices are unrivaled at the moment so check them out a lot of people always say to me what about depop ellis and well my opinion has kind of massively shifted in the last like few months avoid depop is my opinion the platform is full of fake shirts and they have absolutely zero interest in trying to sort the issue with it because they can take 10 commission on all the sales i would genuinely say that that site has more fake shirts than it does genuine shirts at this point i’m also aware that a lot of that is due to the fact that maybe some people selling them shirts aren’t football fans they’re just like indie people selling second-hand clothes which is fair enough but they’re not going to be able to differentiate a lot of the time between a fake and a real shirt so some people are paying premium prices for real shirts and getting sent a fake another issue with the indie people who are selling like secondhand clothes on the platform which is a great way to make money like i don’t begrudge you at all but i think a lot of them search up a shirt they have on like say classic football shirts see the price of it and think ah i can sell it for that no you can’t why you ain’t got any staff to pay where’s your premium price coming from obviously it goes about saying that you can occasionally get a great deal on there but it’s not worth the hassle avoid it in my opinion avoid depop finally for the u-shirts ebay before we talk about my tips and tricks for ebay here are some of my best purchases in terms of value compared to what they’re worth i’ve got psg’s 2000 to 2001 home shirt in a size large for 36 pounds listed on classic football shirts for 150. leeds is 2001 to 2003 away shirt i paid 15 pound it’s worth around 50 on the online stores the greatest football shirt of all time i spent 95 pound on it i know what you’re thinking ellis that’s not too cheap but one look at it and two it’s sold out everywhere online it’s even got a player’s number on the back who people are saying was brian loudrup’s number oh i’m sorry rangers fans i’m not selling it new york red bull’s a pre-match americana shirt 12 pound roma’s third shirt from last season i paid 20 pound for it it goes online for around 100 when anyone stops it i paid 25 pound it’s priceless all right it’s priceless right alice carry on at your little computer your little minx firstly ebay has buyer protection so if you buy a shirt and the seller has not specified that it’s either unofficial or fake and it arrives to you and it turns out to be fake you can return it you will win the case every time also the reason i showed you guys some tips on how to get shirts like stress-free and free is because my ebay tips are quite tedious it requires a lot of patience to get shirts on ebay and it’s probably going to be harder now after this video so sorry to the shirt community who already hate me first thing to note there are so many fakes on ebay for example like this one if a seller is conveniently selling loads of fake shirts avoid them but i have covered this in the fake shirt video so probably not going to spend my time explaining it now basically there’s a lot of fakes on ebay check out that video on how to spot some of them right so my main tips are search football shirt you’re then going to want to select worldwide shipping because then you’ll get all the listings i don’t know how like european and worldwide shirts go now they’re probably gonna be more because you know right so once you’ve searched football shirt you then want to go to newly listed and then my main tip is genuine this is what i do to buy shirts i go to buy it now i have a look and see what’s on the buy it now section then literally all i do from here is i scroll through and i try and find shirts you know that are they’re cheap do you see why this can take some time you can see we found this for test shirt from 0304 in a size large which is it’s quite a cool unique shirt to sell like someone’s selling it for 20 quid what i would say is never be afraid to use the make offer option i’ve bought shirts before that have been listed for say 50 pound i’ve sent an offer of 30 and they’ve accepted it so always if there is a make offer section i would advise to use it where you can but in terms of a deal itself 20 quid for this eight and a half bad on the accepts offers note i then go from buy it now to accept offers and then i see what’s been listed there because sometimes you know new listings come through all the time it’s ebay people are listing stuff all the time especially in lockdown like things will be going up 24 7. so this can’t be a quick note of something to avoid this puma shirt right and this is why a lot of people get put off ebay looks alright for their you know you could say you could easily be tricked by it and then you go up here you’ll notice on the puma logo but something’s up and then even more so as you see dangling down from it a tag they’ve clearly hidden from all of their photos which is really shady if you go on any of their photos there is not a sign of a tag there which is you know why but another example here is if you would have bought this one you would have been able to return it because they have not specified that it’s a fake literally all i do here is i go from buy it now to accepts offers back to buy it now back to accepts offers basically you guys get the gist of that one and then also what i do with the term football shirt is i go to auction and then i go to ending soonest to see if i can snipe any shirts at the last second as you can see we’ve got this um japan shirt there we’ve got that leeds coat but you know i don’t don’t need a coat always keep an eye on the ending soonest as well with the auctions and also don’t bid until the last second don’t be like me and bid when you want it when you first see it always wait to the last second because you’ll get it cheaper every single time and then my last tip for ebay is to misspell this phrase football shirt for example if we go football strip jody told me to do this at the start of lockdown just search football shirt wrong like misspell it and i never really thought of it until she suggested it but i was like actually you know it’s a pretty good idea because people are people are sometimes rushing to sell shirts so sometimes they slip through the cracks and they spell it wrong ebay is a lot of hassle and stress but sometimes you get some amazing rewards for putting your time and effort into it as you can see by what i shared before i showed you these tips but they’re just my tips like i said there’s probably more detail you can find on this and people have probably covered this in more detail there’s also probably some tips that i don’t have a clue about so also bear that in mind as well but this is just what i use personally to get football shirts and yeah thanks for watching guys i really hope that these tips and tricks were helpful for you be sure to leave a like if you want to see more football shirt tutorial stuff and also leave a comment on if you’ve used any of these tips and if so what shirts did you buy for yourself thanks for watching guys subscribe if you’re new around here yeah there’s going to be more football shirt content all the time and also huge thanks to eminem direct for sponsoring this video check them out at the top of the description there’s so many football shirts ciao ciao bye you