Knicks Rookie Quentin Grimes Breaks Down High School & College Basketball Scenes from Movies

hey gq this is quinton grimes and this is the breakdown [Music] [Applause] blue chips every video i’ve seen of shaq this is lily how he plays every every game i’ve seen him in the lake of jersey heat jersey like playing on that mini who like they’re not even fair all right there’s a thing called proposition 48 which says that if your grades aren’t up to par you can take the sats and if you score 700 or more you can get into college to be willing to take the test again i don’t know madam tests are culturally biased well everything is culturally biased and i’m just trying to get you in college if i couldn’t play basketball would you be trying to get me in college no if a college really wants you and they’ll do anything to pull every trick out the bag to try to make sure they’ll get that kid to come play for that uh that university like somebody else will take the sat for them and they know somebody you just like write their name and hide somebody get like a perfect score i was in memphis all summer working out pre-draft and then penny brought up the story how shaq wanted him in that in that movie in blue chips and he saw how good he was how good he was passing him the ball and he went back to orlando to front off and said if y’all don’t draft him with the number three pick of first pick whatever he was that he’s going to get traded he’s not playing for orlando anymore so it’s funny just seeing that how that turned out in that movie that it happened to be where they met and just ended up doing big things in orlando he got game now introducing number 34 from coney island brooklyn new york jesus words [Applause] you go to visit any college recruiting if they if they really want you like that they gonna take you to like the the main the main gym shut off all the lights put like your your family pictures with you and your family on the big screen everything that’s that literally how it is man i hope you don’t think we’re too uh forward or aggressive with the highlight film or the jersey no that’s the way we are here at tech u we show love much love much love why beat around the bush we scouted you since you were in junior high school we know all about you you’re doing a great job of selling that program to uh jesus because that’s what every coach they’re gonna say that program they gonna they’re gonna do they’re gonna crack every joke in a book they’re gonna take you out be like the best guy ever your best friend then you get to campus boom therefore the practice they screaming at you yelling at you everything i went to i was at university of houston and now i was getting recruited by coach sampson he was just like cracking every joke trying to show me everything around the whole facility talking about we got this we got that and then my the first day he’s yelling at me putting me on the line i’m like dang what happened to the dude who wanted to be best friends and be like where’d that do that well yeah they call the coaches switch up quicker they trying to win games but i love coach sampson that’s my guy it’s crazy how much people want just one person to go to one school because that kid can bring so much revenue to that university which is why college athletes get paid now sometimes you might get pressure from like those nike people to like go to a nike school or we play an adidas circuit my pleasure to go to an adidas school because some people might be not mean doing some other things to influence you to go to that school so it’s just a lot of different things different directions people pull you in to make sure that they get paid on the back end if you go to this school then he gets a job opportunity his dad might get a job offer at one school so now he goes to that school people will do anything to get one kid just to go to one school because it could change like the whole landscape of college basketball which is kind of crazy above the room i forgot what college came to the game and i remember i was like man i’m going to try to i think i didn’t i didn’t have the offer at the time and i wanted they would come to the game to see if they could offer me and i was just like trying to do everything possible to try to get the offer let alone knowing i had like the worst game possible i ended up still getting offered because i had like i played good later on like uh like when they came and saw me later but like i was just trying to do everything pile trying to shoot every deep three so impressive i’m trying to dunk everything missing it trying to make every flashy pass and impress them when like literally literally they just come in there they may see if you can make the right basketball play can just make an open three can you just make the right read off of pick and roll so like if you just kind of play a simple game they’ll probably love you even more than if you kind of dunking a ball every time or trying to make every d ball three so like when you try to impress scouts you’re probably gonna end up having a bad game the air up there yeah that’s a little better try not to slap the ball try it again with your left hand i’ve heard from numerous players that if they’re going to play work out for a team that they didn’t like or the city that they didn’t like they’re gonna be like man i’m gonna try and shoot to have the worst shooting day possible i’m gonna miss every shot on purpose i’ma not play hard i would never do that i don’t know you tripping you’re probably wasting all you passing up some money doing that my first offer my first offer was from rice and it’s like super smart school and everything i was like i was a freshman i got my first offer i always kept them in my like top seven like my top six and i would like announce it that like just in case like i thought it was a big deal for them to offer me even though i would never go there just to keep them like in my top seven to like kind of uplift the program maybe a little bit my five-star recruit that if somebody might see that if i haven’t had them in my top seven then somebody who was like who was at that caliber with a good caliber to go there they could go there seeing how i had them in my top seven kind of being a hot it’s just a high level recruit so i feel like i kind of owed them showing them my respect really just showing that they like thanks my first offer that i’m gonna kind of uplift them a little bit sunset park hey coach you should play man on d what look at andre he won’t be like mike too bad he ain’t coach come on let me play i told you you can’t play till you get your stitches out what’s up right ain’t no foul stop crying are you not playing a lot i think i’ve been like knock on wood i’ve only been injured like once in college and really my uh my my career really i was out for about like a week i couldn’t practice so you kind of go to practice you just watching how everybody does stuff kind of watching the guy that kind of replaced you how we’re looking in that way and so you just kind of see the game it slows down a little bit more you’re like oh i could have been open right there hit with a shot right there i could have made a cut right there rebound so you kind of see the game in like a different way coming then when you get back out there on the court you’re like oh i can get a shot it’s easy to shoot the shot right here because he’s wide open i think when you kind of step back a little bit it kind of puts you two steps forward when you kind of see the game from a different point of view if you’re playing with a shooter you gotta know oh he loves shooting the ball in the corner i gotta make sure i’ll get it to him right away if he’s if he’s sprinting really hard to the corner i’m gonna make sure he get it so he in the shot because he’s going he gonna feel good if you score the ball i’m gonna feel good if i get him this is you know it goes hand in hand like big man you gotta reward the big man for sending all these screens from me and everything so i feel like on the left block i’m gonna make sure i get it to him so he can go in there do his little do something dunk it get get him going it’s it’s a game you got to play within the game really to make sure that everybody’s successful are happy really because when everybody’s happy the team’s going to be happy team’s going to be jailing team gonna be winning for me right now it kind of testes you to kind of always stay ready kind of a cliche thing to say just like always be ready you never know any number might call but that’s really how it is i gotta go extra hard during practice uh even if i’m not gonna be in that first or second group i got to pay even more attention than film because my name is called that leash is real short so i ain’t got i don’t have time to go in there and mess up do things come on i can just get pulled like that because i’m the like i said come off the bench now really in the in the rotation so my number is called you got to be over prepared really for when you get in there to make the most of it where he can keep you out there and keep trusting you building trust within the coach it’s a different challenge but i’m enjoying it so far hoosiers [Music] ollie going for raid [Music] now move [Applause] man my on getting buggies let him let him rock out let him let him do his thing he’s going to get the coach to win he’s going to get annoying that’s all that matters it’s different if he was taking like every shot and missing every shot you got to come you got to come sell the bench for me but if he’s scoring every bucket like hey admit he hasn’t missed yet you got to let him go out there do his thing that’s what good coach would do i think that’s bad coaching but yeah it’s time like where coaches will do crazy things just to see how high you react see if he can like you’re gonna break down stuff like that all the time so coaches will play mind games with you all the time so i feel like it’s coaches the coaches versus the players sometimes coach carter i’m impressed with what you’ve done but you came up short you owe me 80 suicides and 500 push-ups please leave my gym hold on 80 suicides and 500 push-ups 500 push-ups i can get through a 500 push up i’m not doing 80 suicides though you said we’re a team one person struggles we all struggle when player triumphs we all triumph right if your teammate’s not helping you out when you’re going through something they’re not your real teammates they’re not your real friends like it would be time that you of h were like gotta be on the line he gotta run two suicides and coach say if he don’t make this one the whole team running so he got the last last two suits as he runs we’re gonna push him through make sure he runs make sure you get it cause we’re gonna make sure we can’t run so we’re gonna make sure you gotta make sure your teammates get through you can’t have them have them hanging out there like kylie coach they’ll try to break you down like build you back up but like with coach samson at u of a she he’ll throw seven eight suicides like in the middle of practice just to like see if you can take it everything like those type times when you’re kind of going through like somebody’s going through something and you got to pick them up i feel like that’s what makes the team like the closest when you got to pick them all up you’re going to see if like your brother is really going to be with you when it like time gets hard in the game now you’re in practice and coaches yelling at everybody go on the line run until y’all pass out to y’all throw up that’s when like everybody really comes together so when you’re you in that game and y’all down four and with like a minute left y’all gonna find a way to win that game because y’all haven’t been through hell in practice y’all been in the trenches with them and everything but i think that’s what makes it easier for like a team to have real close or close bond thanks for watching these clips with me hope you learned something see you next time [Music]