The NFL’s Best Young Quarterbacks – Behind the Scenes with Tony Romo, JaMarcus Russell & Brady Quinn

as a quarterback people always say they’re natural or you have that hit factor I always kind of like to have a pressure on me and always like to be that guy who everyone was looking at me to make the big play I think all the other guys would love to be in the magazine but they all joke around about it I’m sure my teammates are gonna give me a lot of heat for this I mean but that goes with the position and I’d do the same to them not really a guy that takes a lot of pictures but it’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed it just wanting to be out there does to do the shoot James Dean type look hence the leather jacket I don’t know if I’ll get hit on too bad for this I never thought out being this position as far as being one in a magazine is something that the big-timers do I got a chance blowing the fur job it’s kind of sudden become a reality in therefore making that transition colors my only aspirations are the one Super Bowl whatever happens in the future happens I’m pure football right now I was one of my dreams it’s a good chance to be in the magazine I like to look good on a football field so I mean you turn your back you take your eyes out one of them guys they get hit in the mouth I’m pretty quick hey I’m vision on how to spend Roethlisberger quarterback to the Pittsburgh Steelers bad lighter I’m the marvelous number one you