Top 10 BEST Affordable Sneakers 2022 (Back To School)

listen guys we have a super exciting video to get to today i’ve got a top 10 list for you guys and it is the most hyped affordable sneakers or back to school sneakers whatever you want to call it but we’ve got some bangers in here tell you what right now seems like it’s pretty much the perfect time to shop around for more affordable options you have way more to choose from a lot of sneakers that used to be extremely expensive are now down in that affordable category which is insane so yes if you were looking for affordable sneakers you have come to the right place at the right time so let’s get into it the number 10 spot goes to the nike dunk low panda i really not put this sneaker on the list this is like the most popular shoe for 2022 and last year so technically i’m talking about the pandas but i’m also talking about the dunk by you which you can create your own panda like i have here this is a buy you version which i have spoke about plenty of times on the channel they are incredibly clean super easy to wear that is why it’s like the number one most popular shoe because it’s just so easy to throw on and as far as dunks go you can’t get much cleaner than the pandas if you go for the dunk by you option these things will run you back about 115 pounds that’s the retail price and again these things restock every single day if you want to go for the regular pandas for whatever reason those things range anywhere from 150 to 180 all right so at the number nine spot i’ve got a couple different recommendations but it is of the same model of sneaker and it is the new balance 2002 r here in my hands i’ve got two of my favorite colorways my favorite versions of the 2002 our new balance model this is my latest pickup this is the gore-tex version and i freaking love these things they’ve got a very similar vibe to the protection pack in the sense that they have all of this kind of distressing on the upper and they also have some kind of paint which makes it look worn down now my other favorite colorway is from the protection pack which i’m sure a lot of you guys know it’s like one of the most popular new balance sneakers this and last year this is pretty much all over white it has all of this kind of raw edge cuts on it it’s an amazing quality sneaker and i think it just looks insane on foot now honestly i don’t think you can go too wrong with any colorway of the new balance 2002 r model it is definitely number nine on my list and definitely one of the best affordable sneakers you can pick up right now number eight and this is where we start to get to the part of the list where we’re like okay these should be way more expensive it is the unc jordan one low listen guys these things a year or two ago would be reselling for a bunch of money but right now these are pretty damn affordable you can pick a pair of these things up in your size anywhere between 150 to 170 which i think is a great deal considering how freaking clean this colorway is i did a little sail lace swap which is just a personal thing these do actually come with black laces so whatever you want to do with that but in terms of a jordan one low i mean listen the color blocking is fantastic the materials are not bad they’re not amazing but they’re not bad number seven on the list is one that’s a very easy recommendation for me personally because i wear this sneaker almost every day it’s the yeezy 350 v2 bone i mean there’s not much to say here these things are incredibly clean incredibly nice and all over crispy white pair of 350s it doesn’t get much cleaner than that i mean you’re getting a comfortable sneaker you’re getting a good looking sneaker you’re getting a super versatile sneaker obviously the one drawback is that yeah you’re probably gonna end up scuffing these things quite a bit if you don’t mind cleaning your sneakers a little bit more regularly this is a great option these retail at 200 and you can currently find them on the aftermarket anywhere between 220 and 230. i don’t think it’s too bad for a triple wide pair of yeezy 350s couple years ago again these things would be reselling for a lot more but thankfully whatever’s happening in the market right now is making it real good for people who are looking for affordable sneakers this is going to be probably the most expensive sneaker on today’s list but still in the grand scheme of things considering the model it’s pretty affordable and that is the jordan 4 infrared jordan 4 is one of the most hyped sneakers right now everybody freaking wants a pair and as soon as a new colorway drops they sell out like that thankfully this infrared colorway slipped through the cracks a little bit it’s not as expensive as some of the other options and if you are looking for a pair these things will run you back depending on your size anywhere between 220 and 240. the number five spot goes to a sneaker that a lot of people got pissed off at me for not including in my top 10 best of 2022 sneakers list either way it is the jordan 1 bleached coral or stage haze that was the one as soon as i got these things in hand telling everyone that this is a sick pair of ones that is definitely a sleeper and it seems like more and more people are finding that out because these things are only getting more and more popular it just seems like people love this colorway for good reason i mean it has a lot of the characteristics of a sneaker that would do extremely well in terms of demand because i mean it’s super wearable just take a look it’s pretty much black and white with some gray accents now these things have also been rising in price so if this is a sneaker that you wanted i would probably look to pull the trigger sooner rather than later i’m not entirely sure how the market’s going right now but these are definitely more expensive than when i last looked when they first dropped so currently if you’re trying to grab a pair of the bleach corals or stage haze these will run you back anywhere between 200 and 230. number four on my list is technically not a sneaker but we’re gonna go with it anyway it’s the yeezy slide in the onyx colorway i feel like if you’re shopping on a budget having a super wearable and versatile sneaker is a must and it doesn’t get more wearable than just a plain old black pair of slides you can wear these things with any outfit so currently if you’re looking for a pair of the onyx easy slides they’re going to run you back anywhere between 80 and 100. it is one of the most popular colorways of the yeezy slide because again out of the entire lineup of yeezy slides this is probably one of the most wearable colorways that you can get right before we get into our top three i do want to give you guys three honorable mentions that didn’t quite make it but are still incredible options the first honorable mention is the jordan 1 low mystic navy this is another extremely clean and very versatile pair of jordan 1 lows if you do shop around i have seen some retailers with them still in stock so definitely shop around the second honorable mention is kanye west’s most hated slide and that is the adilette 22. this is a really solid option like obviously i know this is a super controversial slide but if you do shop around hopefully you can pick these things up for retail which is only 55 to 60 tops depending on which retailer you go with and on the aftermarket they’re going for about the same maybe with shipping and everything you’re going to end up paying about 70. and my last honorable mention is probably one of the most affordable and i just think great options on this list it is the stucy air force one mid i get it air force one mids it’s not the most popular sneaker model by any means even the off-white versions are like sitting on shelves these things will only run you back anywhere between 110 and 140 so in fact it is under retail price and i feel like if you can get these things under retail that is a steal all right top three territory the three best sneakers for back to school 2022 at the number third spot we’ve got the yeezy foam runner onyx again every time i add the phone runners to a top 10 list some people love it some people hate it all of the same great things that i said about the slides apply to these they’re incredibly comfortable you cannot get much more wearable than an all-over black colorway and if you are looking towards the aftermarket these are anywhere between 130 and 150 honestly i was super close to adding this is just number one on my list because i love this sneaker so much and the fact that you can get it at this price is insane it is the yeezy 700 v3 as i l if you ask most people what the best 700 v3 colorway is they’re gonna say this one they restocked on yeezy day and the price absolutely tanked this was the original colorway of this model so obviously it was reselling for like 600 bucks on the aftermarket thankfully now you can pick these up for anywhere between 190 and 210 and the number one spot which again if this sneaker dropped a year or two ago they would be reselling for a whole bunch of money it’s the jordan 1 taxi this is an insanely good deal on the aftermarket like these things have not even dropped out in the u.s and you can get them for a little bit over retail price like that does not happen very often at all and i know a lot of people like this sneaker so it’s not like the demand is super low it’s just something to do with jordan ones right now there’s a lot of good things i can say about the jordan 1 taxis but if you do want a full in-depth review on these things it is up on the channel the main takeaways on the taxis the color blocking is amazing the materials are really decent for a pair of ones they look great on foot if you’re looking for one of the best colorways of the jordan one to drop this year use right now or anywhere between 150 and 200 on the aftermarket which is just insane for this colorway of jordan 1. it’s it’s absolutely insane and that wraps up my list in general listen guys you’ve got your options you’ve got your choices let me know what you’re picking down in the comment section let me know if you would have added anything to this list as well any of your good options but that pretty much wraps it up guys thank you so much for coming through hanging out yet again another video thank you for liking commenting and of course subscribing i’ll catch you guys in the next one but until then