How To Get Sneakers For Cheap

yo what’s going on guys welcome back to another video so I’m realizing more and more that a lot of you guys are just new to the culture new to the sneaker game welcome I’ve been doing this for a whole hile you know I think my job has just been to be the big brother that really put people on it I mean you ask the viewers they know what’s up that’s just always been my goal and today we’re gonna talk about how to get sneakers for cheap how to save money when you’re looking to buy sneakers because this can be a very expensive hobby I mean there’s plenty of times that I’ve purchased shoes for a way over retail or even at retail and just to find out a few months down the line or even a few weeks they end up dropping in price and I’m like bro if I would’ve just been a little patient I really need these like that probably to save some but before we get into that let’s get into today’s sponsor shop tacker if you guys don’t know what shop tagger is it’s basically a Chrome extension it allows you to be able to basically create your own closet I’ll show you guys a little breakdown of it so I’ll put the link down below so you guys can go download this shop tag your personal assistant you’ll just install it and then you’ll end up getting a simple dashboard like this and you can break these down it’s different lists so for example here’s my less clothing sneakers obviously Stone Island is vital always looking for 40% off anytime I can and even down to just having sneakers anything that you’re looking for you can basically choose what kind of price breakdown you want you want to get notified if it’s back in stock here’s an example so let’s say these Nike adapt baby 400 dollars that’s pretty steep and this is an example of what I’ll talk about there’s a potential of these going down being discounted so what I’m gonna do is add this to my list I’m gonna head to my sneaker list I’m go ahead and click Save now if I want to do custom options I can completely save the product I can pick exactly what size what notification I want to get so any price change and then obviously save it to my sneakers list and boom it’s that simple and there’s also coupon codes so if I was to add just to my cart well we can go check out and you can see coupons are found I feel lucky now I don’t necessarily know if there’s gonna be any coupons for this right now but you get the point it’ll even test out the codes for you let me know if I can get these under retail and Shop tiger is also going to be offering automatic cash back it’s coming soon so stay tuned for that if you guys would like to download the extension the link will be down below check it out man it’s definitely dope just to save some money in it’s nice because it kind of does it all for you can get email or push notifications it’s really up to you let’s get into the other tips now honestly throughout my career of collecting sneakers I’ve spent tons of money lost tons of money got some steals you know missed out on some deal host has just been all over the place and that’s just a part of its a lot of trial and error when it comes to shoes but a few tips that I can kind of pass on to you that I think are very important especially when it comes to getting these deals is you definitely need a Twitter account if you guys don’t know I own deals under cost and also a sneaker it’s basically on Twitter and then there’s a website and throughout the day I took elite weed out different deals you know there’s always sneakers under retail there’s always coupon codes there’s always just clothing that goes on sale so if you guys do have a Twitter which I highly recommend you make one make sure you go follow those accounts because they will really help you out there’s been just so it’s honestly open my eyes to like not paying full price for anything because if as long as it’s not like super hype than something that you don’t necessarily need right now you will most likely get it a few weeks or months later and for possibly half the price which honestly is huge social media is super key when it comes to these deals even having something as simple as an Instagram account you guys can follow me up Mike the compass but there’s plenty of pages that just have deals all the time I think one of the best marketplaces is honestly Facebook there’s a lot of steals on there typically a lot of guys that are either selling their collection or they’re just trying to move stuff I think my favorite page to follow is probably retail Tuesday it’s a group you can join them seems like every Tuesdays they just post great deals you know you can get a lot of maybe your holy girls for a little bit cheaper than you pay maybe a go or stock ex or any of the other resale marketplaces now this next one is kind of man it’s it’s a lot of trial and error i’ve fortunately enough had a lot of good luck but it is eBay eBay has a lot of steals a lot of people are just trying to move stuff especially with what’s going on right now if you have the cash to burn and you’re really trying to just build up your sneaker collection you can simply just message them hey I know you want 350 for these do you think you could do 290 I mean I got you up pay right now in the majority of the time a lot of people are like cool run that I mean there’s no fees on eBay so they’re not really crunched you know there’s no 10% of their pants a lot of eBay sellers or just sellers in general aren’t really too willing to budge in the price but since there is no eBay fees a lot of people would be like cool let’s run the offer man I’ll take that to 90 it’s no big deal then of course I mean at the time shooting this video none of the outlets are open at least not my city and a lot of places it’s locked down but when the outlets reopened there’s so many steals there I’ve seen so many retros that honestly like I feel like when you’re not looking for something that always pops up with the outlet you’re like oh man they have these buttons like now I really need them in a few months timeline like damn I should have bought those perfect example for me is probably the mocha threes like they had them sitting at my outlet for $115 for a long time like every time I went there I would see them like oh man I really want those but I don’t need them and then of course a few months later I was like oh oh but I still got on my eBay for like a hundred thirty bucks so I’m not tripping they’re still under retail and really that’s it guys I mean those tips are super simple have a Twitter account make sure to just look all over a Bay don’t be afraid to just offer or shoot people messages Facebook marketplaces are great obviously social media you’re always gonna find different kind of groups especially in your area like for me and Denver we have like a Denver sneaker exchange page and just all these little Denver pages they got them in LA I’m sure they got them in Wisconsin I’m sure they got them in Utah you know you just gotta find it you got to go out there and look but those are literally the simplest tips like honestly there’s there’s nothing else you need that is exactly how you get sneakers for cheap there’s no magical website this is going to be like oh this is a fifteen hundred our shoe here you can have it for $150 that doesn’t exist guys if you go to any website or you see any Instagram accounts on all these brand new shoes that you know for a fact are going for $2,000 $3,000 $600 but they’re selling them for 88 it’s too good to be true row use your head that’s it like I know you want to get sucked into that like oh man I mean they are a few teondra but they’re selling for 150 let me just run that because most likely they’re gonna be fake or you’re just not gonna get anything you got scammed yeah finesse you’re better off just being patient and think with your head man remember always remember when you see a steel price think to yourself if it’s too good to be true it is so let me know down below your biggest steel to date I would say mine would definitely have to be my easy tools I ended up getting a huge box like a few years ago from a weird situation but I paid $800 for like solar easy tools platinum easy tools I got the easy ones like it was crazy it was a super steel and that’s probably like today either that or I got the shatter backboard once so I still got I got it for $160 I basically paid retail never worn once those are the biggest steals of my sneaker career so far let me know yours down below and of course you guys can always drop comments also I wanted to let you know I just officially released masks I got them in white and black I’m sure you guys all the white ones real quick you know we got the I feel like Kobe and r.i.p you guys know I’m a huge Kobe fan I had to make this one Kobe always represents greatness this one is just for fun these are all just for fun guys we’ve got to stay at home or just stay home so you feel me Lee we got the sneezy cover-up and you know I feel like Mike for the one time yeah you can pick these up and white and black I also got to any social distancing Club you can get all those down below and just to let you know how they run so you know it’s just your standard mask and what’s really dope is that you can actually put if you’ve got one of those filters you can put it in the pocket in here so it’s actually a double layered mask fire so yes your boy sneaker life I’ll catch you on the next one plenty