TOP 10 BACK To SCHOOL Sneakers 2022

so for a lot of you school is almost back not for me i’m 30 i feel like steve buscemi and 30 rock talking about this topic how do you do fellow kids what in today’s video we’re going to be counting down the top 10 best sneakers for back to school 2022. and today’s video is brought to you by the unboxed app which i’m actually a part owner of and we’re giving away a pair of travis scott air jordan 1 low reverse mochas which is crazy because i’m sure a lot of you guys missed out on that pair i missed out on that pair and if you guys want to find out how you can win a pair of them for yourself make sure to stay tuned until later on in the video so like i said in today’s video we’re going to be counting down what i consider to be the top 10 best sneakers for back to school 2022. now that doesn’t mean if a sneaker didn’t make the list it’s not a good sneaker in fact there are hundreds if not thousands of great sneakers available out there that you can grab for great prices right now i just picked my top 10 based on sneakers that are relatively budget friendly sneakers that i thought were the best value overall and sneakers that i thought were very sneaker head friendly and of course if you want to grab any of the shoes that i mentioned in today’s video i’ve made sure to leave affiliate links to each one of these shoes in the description below but i guess without further ado let’s just get right into the list number 10 the nike pg6 the nike pg6 is paul george’s sixth signature sneaker with nike and is also one of the best budget friendly basketball sneakers not only on this list but also just in general the pg-6 comes in at a very reasonable retail price of just 110 bucks and you actually get a lot for your money the sneaker features react cushioning underfoot which is nike’s proprietary foam technology that is very soft and springy the upper of the shoe is made up of a very lightweight and breathable mesh which is not the most premium material in the world but it definitely gets the job done and it feels great on foot plus in my opinion the pg6 looks great it’s a good looking basketball sneaker that you can wear either casually or on court it’s definitely more of an encore performance basketball shoe but you do have the option and again for 110 bucks you’re getting a great basketball sneaker that’s very comfortable on foot and if you’re a paul george fan even better number nine the nike pegasus 39 the nike pegasus 39 is the latest in the long line of nike pegasus sneakers this is obviously the 39th edition and in my opinion is the best that they’ve ever made not only is it just a great all-around performance running sneaker but it’s also an incredibly comfortable lifestyle shoe so it’s the kind of shoe that you can go for a run in in the morning and then wear all day at school and not skip a beat in addition to having a full length react foam midsole which is super soft underfoot nike also added air zoom units in the forefoot and in the heel for some added bounce and some added comfort i mean this shoe really does propel you into the next step it’s kind of wild pair that cushioning with a lightweight breathable mesh upper that’s very well padded around the ankle area of the shoe plus you’ve got flywire lacing which makes this shoe very customizable when it comes to fit you’ve got a great all-around performance running sneaker that again can be worn all day and visually i kind of think it’s a pretty great looking sneaker it’s not a head-turner it’s not going to blow minds but it’s the kind of shoe that you can pretty much wear with anything and be okay and while the price of this shoe has increased from previous iterations of this sneaker to 130 bucks i still feel like that’s a great price for such a capable model and as someone who runs albeit very very rarely this is definitely the shoe that i would do it in number eight the adidas forum so you guys might know this about me already if you’ve watched the channel for a while but i have a soft spot for 80s basketball sneakers and the adidas forum is an 80s basketball sneaker that adidas has brought back and given a new life and i absolutely love it so this shoe comes in a couple different variations you’ve got the high top like i have here you have the mid top and of course the low top which honestly is probably the most popular version of the shoe and is the version i would probably recommend but you really can’t go wrong with any of them i personally prefer the high top version because i love high top sneakers but that’s just me so what i love about the adidas forum is that you’re getting a great lifestyle sneaker that has a very classic and clean look i mean with the 80s being back the way that it is especially with stranger things adidas forums are in i mean it’s just such a simple and clean look that’s very easy to wear it’s not the most comfortable shoe in the world because of course you’re walking on this rubber midsole that’s not that soft but it’s the kind of shoe that you still can wear every day and it’s not going to be uncomfortable and as far as lifestyle sneakers go especially if you’re just grabbing the low top version of this shoe you’re only paying 100 bucks which in my opinion is a bargain for what you’re getting it’s a great looking model it looks great on feet and it’s very easy to wear whether you’re dressing up or dressing down it’s a great all-around sneaker and for me again there’s just something about 80s basketball sneakers that i love i don’t know if it’s the paneling i don’t know if it’s the simplicity of the shoe but they just look great in my opinion and you can never go wrong with something like the adidas forum number seven the nike air force one low speaking of classic retro shoes the nike air force one low is probably the most iconic of all of them like the adidas forum the nike air force one low started out life as a basketball sneaker but over the decades has transitioned into much more of a lifestyle shoe and if you’re a sneaker head you’ve absolutely owned a pair of af1 loads this is the kind of shoe that everyone had growing up and there’s honestly a good reason for that this shoe not only looks great and is one of the most iconic silhouettes of all time but it’s also surprisingly comfortable you’ve got a very well padded upper you’ve got an air unit in the midsole and it fits true to size you can’t say that about every sneaker it’s crazy that you can’t but you can’t for some reason and even though the materials used on this shoe aren’t the highest quality in the world in fact they’re not that great quality they will last you a very long time and this is the kind of shoe that you can walk around school in and pretty much any fit and still look clean then you can go outside and play a pickup game of ball in and this shoe will work great for you this is just such a great all-around sneaker and i know i’ve said that a bunch about all the shoes on this list so far and i’ll continue to say it because all the shoes on this list in my opinion are great all around sneakers but there’s a reason this shoe is still popular to this day almost 50 years 40 years after the shoe first released it’s a great shoe now unfortunately the price of this shoe has increased over the last year to 110 bucks but at the end of the day 110 dollars is still not bad for the value that you’re getting with the af1 lows number six the new balance 990. so this shoe comes in a ton of different variations you’ve got the v1 through the v5 the v5 being the latest version the v3 being my favorite version and pretty much all of these versions are still releasing to this day in fact we’re getting the 990 v6 sometime later this year now what i love about the 990 line other than the fact that i’m just a huge new balance fan maybe it’s because i’m 30 but i think new balances are coming back is that these shoes not only look great but they’re incredibly comfortable on foot and especially now with big collaborators working with new balance on silhouettes like the 990s new balances and particularly new balance 990s are becoming very popular within sneaker culture and i mean maybe it’s just me but look at this silhouette look how sick this shoe looks i just love it i mean i like the 990 v5 as well this is definitely the more comfortable of the two shoes but the 990 v3 this shoe is fire now technically new balance 990s are running shoes and yes you can run in these shoes if you want in my opinion there are better new balances out there if you want to run in a pair of new balances i think of these as just great all-around lifestyle shoes they’re incredibly comfortable you’ve got this uh end cap midsole and the heel that really provides some nice cushion underfoot you’ve also got this incredibly well cushioned upper and very breathable toe area even though there’s some padding there not sure exactly how that works but it feels great on foot and for me the new balance 990 whether it’s the 990 v3 or the 990 v5 this is the shoe that i keep by the door and wear when i go to the store or where when i go to my friend’s house or whatever and crazily enough models are now wearing the new balance 990s on the runway and fashion week i don’t understand it i don’t know how these shoes got up there but apparently they’re super fashionable now so i don’t know if you don’t like them talk to haley bieber she’s the one who rocks him i don’t know and i’ve also got to mention how good the materials used on this shoe are and how good the construction is apparently these shoes are made in the united states so maybe there’s a little bit more attention to detail when it comes to manufacturing i’m not sure but either way these are great quality sneakers now unfortunately because they are higher quality than a lot of other sneakers on the market they do come at a slightly higher price point as of right now the new balance 990 v5 comes in at a retail price of 185 dollars which yes is not cheap but at the same time it’s the kind of shoe that you can wear all day through any situation and it should last you a long time so in my opinion it’s worth it but really quick let me tell you how you can enter to win a pair of travis scott air jordan 1 low reverse mochas for yourself so in order to enter this giveaway you need to download the unboxed app by clicking the link in the top of the description below so the unboxed app is great because not only does it allow you to categorize your sneakers and see your entire collection visually but it also allows you to legit check your sneakers to ensure that all the sneakers in your collection are in fact authentic and so in order to enter this giveaway what you need to do is download the unboxed app through the link in the top of the description below sign up create an account and then link your instagram then post an instagram story of the sneakers that you want legit checked with the caption legit check my kicks at unboxed app then for the final step just legit check your shoes through the unboxed app and you’re good to go in fact every legit check that you do is an entry also it’s important to make sure that your notifications are turned on as well this giveaway runs from july 23rd 2022 to july 28 2022 and again to download the unboxed app all you need to do is click the link in the top of the description below and good luck i hope you win the travis’s that would be a sick back-to-school shoot i’d be very jealous number five the air jordan one high all right i’m not gonna lie i’m a little bit biased towards this shoe because the air jordan one high is my favorite shoe of all time and i guess to be fair the air jordan 1 mid could have also been at the same spot on this list the only difference is that the shoe is a little bit shorter the materials aren’t as nice and they don’t release as many hyped color ways on the air jordan 1 mid but in my opinion the air jordan 1 is just the perfect shoe in particular the air jordan won high the original this shoe is just the quintessential 80s basketball shoe this is a shoe that got me hyped on 80s basketball sneakers and it’s the kind of shoe that you can literally wear in any situation high fashion low fashion to school to basketball i mean i probably wouldn’t play basketball on these because they’re not that comfortable but hey you could i mean like a lot of shoes on this list they were originally designed to play basketball in so it’s possible and i mean for a sneakerhead or michael jordan fan the history that’s ingrained in the air jordan 1 is some of the most rich and some of the craziest history ever when it comes to sneakers while the hype of the air jordan 1 is dying down a little bit it’s still an incredibly popular sneaker that a lot of sneaker heads lust after and the good news is for those of us that are out there on a budget a lot of these air jordan ones are starting to sit in stores which means we don’t have to pay resale for these shoes anymore which is great and i think out of all the sneakers on this list this shoe is probably the most sneaker head friendly because this shoe appeals to both the old heads the new heads this is the kind of shoe that’s hyped but it’s also got a lot of history it’s just a great all-around shoe and in my opinion it’s the best looking shoe on the list and right now if you’re lucky enough to find a pair of these for retail they do retail for 170 which is definitely on the higher end of this list but unfortunately a lot of colorways are sold out so you may have to pay resale if there’s a certain colorway that you’re looking for so at the end of the day 170 when it comes to all of the air jordan ones that are available is not that bad of a price and unfortunately this colorway is not a good example because this colorway sold out immediately it is not one of the color ways that you can walk into a store and grab but there are a few like the heritage air jordan ones which are still good looking sneakers so it’s honestly just worth it going to your local foot locker or sneaker store and just seeing what they have available number four the puma mb1 so although puma just recently got back into the performance basketball sneaker making game they’ve actually dropped one of the best performance basketball sneakers of the year in the puma mb1 the puma mb1 is lamelo ball’s first signature shoe with puma and is honestly one of the best looking and also best performing on-court basketball sneakers of the year i was genuinely surprised by this shoe i didn’t know what to expect but then i threw them on and i played basketball on them and i was like wow these shoes are incredible and the reviews are great all across the board people love this shoe the sneaker features nitro foam cushion in the midsole which makes it very soft underfoot yet the shoe is also stable because the midfoot cushion is also contained by this really nice caging which actually keeps the shoe feeling very stable underfoot not only that the upper of the shoe is incredibly well padded and fits great and honestly like i said earlier the shoe looks awesome it’s not the wildest looking shoe by any stretch of the imagination but it gets the simple aesthetics right it’s the kind of shoe that has a lot going on but not too much going on it’s very clean it comes in a bunch of different color ways and they also have some pretty great collaborations on this shoe the bad news is though some of the really solid colorways tend to sell out very quickly so grabbing a pair of these might be a little difficult because this shoe is very popular but hey if you can grab a pair it’s one of the best basketball performance shoes out there right now and for 120 bucks the puma mb1 is also a great value and it comes in both a low top and a high top version if you’re looking for a great basketball sneaker that plays great looks great and feels great the puma mb1 is the way to go number three the nike dunk low so nike dunks have always been relatively popular but now in 2022 they’ve hit the peak of their popularity the nike dunk glow is one of the most popular shoes available and unfortunately because of that it’s not the easiest to grab a pair of nike dunk lows but the good news is nike’s starting to produce a lot more of these shoes so they’re becoming a lot more widely available and honestly tech spec wise there’s nothing that impressive about the nike dunk low it’s pretty much just a standard leather shoe with a rubber midsole there isn’t even an air unit in the midsole it’s not going to win any awards for the most comfortable shoe available but with that being said it’s one of the best looking shoes available and it’s one of the most popular so everyone is rocking these shoes like a lot of the shoes on the list the nike dunk low started life as a basketball sneaker but back in the 80s when this shoe first released it was overshadowed by the air jordan 1 so for a couple years it hit outlets then the skateboarding community got a hold of it and the nike dunk glow gained a whole new life as a skateboarding shoe now pretty much 35 years later the nike dunk low is still one of the most popular sneakers out there and the reason for its popularity is not just its clean and simple look but also some of the insane collaborations that have taken place on this shoe like the jordan one the nike dunk is steeped in sneaker history and this again is another very sneaker head friendly shoe and even for people who aren’t sneaker heads the nike dunk glow is still an incredibly easy shoe to rock it goes with anything that comes in a ton of different color ways and you’ve probably seen a bunch of people wearing the black and white colorway or the panda colorway all over the place because that shoe is incredibly popular and nike just keeps restocking it and in my opinion the craziest part is that the retail price of the nike dunk low is still only a hundred bucks which is crazy especially with all this inflation going on i mean it’s possible that they will raise the price in the future but as of right now still 100 bucks and even if you have to buy a pair of these for resale because you can’t find a pair in store it’s still going to be under 200 especially in some of the more common color ways the nike dunk glow is just a great all-around lifestyle sneaker and i definitely recommend it number two the new balance 550. i know another 80s basketball sneaker on the list you guys probably think i’m crazy but genuinely the 80s are back and 80s basketball sneakers are back the new balance 550 just recently returned over the last two years and has quickly become one of new balance’s most popular models like all of the other 80s basketball sneakers that we talked about on this list this shoe features very clean paneling on the upper which actually comes in some of the highest quality leather that you can get for this price point and it’s just such a good looking all-around shoe and if you like new balance and you’re looking for this sort of 80s vibe this is definitely the shoe to go with plus new balance has been very smart with the collaborations that they’ve taken on on the new balance 550 and have skyrocketed this shoe do sneaker head popularity and even if you’re not grabbing a collaboration version of the 550 this shoe comes in a ton of different color ways that all look great and because this shoe is so popular they tend to sell out pretty quickly as far as comfort the upper of this shoe is very soft and very well padded the midsole of the sneaker is all right it’s not gonna win any comfort awards like some of the other shoes on this list but it’s still not a bad shoe to wear all day and again it’s just got that retro vibe that’s so popular right now and as a fan of new balance i love this shoe i rock this shoe all the time it’s probably one of my most worn sneakers of the year and pricing wise it’s not that bad it comes in at just 110 bucks the same price as the af1 lows and if you’re looking to be a little bit different than everyone else and try a shoe that’s still very popular but not everyone has the new balance 550 is definitely the way to go and hey if you can grab a collaboration version like this one the ald 550s you might be snapping some sneaker head necks it’s a great shoe of course you can’t complete your back to school fit without a dope pair of socks and if you’re looking for a great pair of socks i definitely recommend my sock brand apothecary at apothecary we create your sneakers favorite socks not only are they incredibly comfortable and very breathable but they look great with your sneakers and on friday july 29th we’re dropping our limited edition checkerboard collection which is absolutely fire so make sure to check us out at number one the air jordan 1 low it’s crazy to me that so many retro shoes have dominated this list in my opinion the air jordan 1 low is like the perfect summer back to school shoe this is the kind of shoe that you can rock with long pants short pants and still wear a pretty hyped up and popular shoe that looks great with pretty much anything the air jordan 1 low takes everything that i like about the original air jordan 1 and puts it in a much smaller package that’s honestly easier to wear you’ve got all that simple and iconic paneling that just makes this shoe look so clean on this colorway you’ve got this beautiful suede and cracked leather that looks great and seriously this is one of those shoes that you literally can wear with anything and even though the air jordan one low hasn’t always been the most popular shoe in the world in fact it was one of the least popular air jordan ones for a long time now that people like travis scott and other collaborators are collaborating on this silhouette this shoe has not only become very popular but it’s become probably the most popular air jordan one out there right now i mean when you’re getting excellent general release colorways like this it’s not hard to understand why especially when the retail price of the shoe varies between 110 and 150 dollars it’s crazy you can grab one of the most popular sneakers on the market for a pretty decent price and yes i know this shoe was popular mainly because of the hype and five years ago no one cared about air jordan 1 lows in fact the chicago colorway of this shoe was sitting in the outlets but it is a shoe that’s definitely worth taking a look at and again if you’re looking for a great everyday lifestyle shoe the air jordan one low you literally cannot go wrong with but that pretty much wraps up the entire back to school list for today now i would love to know your thoughts on this list and whether you felt like i left any shoes off the list so make sure to let me know your thoughts in that comment section down below once again if you want to enter the travis scott giveaway all the details and all the links that you need are in the description below and as always thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet and i’ll see you all in the next one [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you