I Bought The Most Expensive Sneakers On Wish.com!

today we have the most expensive sneakers possible off of the wish app you don’t know the wish app basically it’s just an online place where you can buy a bunch of fake stuff from China molec tronics – sneakers – clothing anything so I decided let’s go ahead and buy these six most expensive sneakers off the app it’s been about two weeks let’s cut back to that footage of me and Nick going through finding what seekers to buy then we’re gonna see how these look and compare them to the real ones let’s do it this video will not be possible without rig but it makes products like backpacks like wallets like phone chargers make your everyday life easier the ridge is a minimal front pocket wallet that’s basically used to simplify and streamline your everyday care it has 30,000 five-star views and is the better way to carry your cash in your car there’s also a lifetime warranty if you guys love the law and if you don’t they have free return now they come in titanium carbon fiber aluminum the one that I have is the forged carbon I just think forged carbon is the overall sickest look it is my favorite you can get 10% off today by going to Ridge comm slash Harrison and get your own Ridge wall they also have the ridge back as well as the ridge wireless charger right here to take care of your phone when you’re out every day you come right guys check out Ridge conic slash Harrison get 10% off and get you a four car fire wallet because this is actually alright guys so today we’re going on a website that I’ve not been on and I can’t tell you how long I used to do some videos back in the day with this and I have not done it for a long time and I’m on the wrong website right now if you guys don’t know which this is not sponsored they do sponsor youtubers but basically it’s like a direct website from China and people make fake goods and you can get super cheap so today I’m buying the most expensive sneakers are the most hype basically the craziest sneakers on wish and see how they measure up first thing I’m gonna do is just type in height beats sneakers and check these out first things first we got some 12 dollar Yeezy zebras now what they what they like to do with this is the first couple pictures are decent and then you look at the actual shoes themselves and they look nothing alright so these are pictures I don’t think these are their shoes there’s no way the shoe can be anything good for 12 bucks we get that Balenciaga z– alright we’re buying small boys Chicago what is that on the side ah so they actually they have to make it look a little bit different on the picture cuz they don’t get in trouble for having you know nice I think that’s what’s happening here I think I want to get this shoe though I want to get the awkward or delight I just think they can’t show the Nike logo and Oregon get in trouble death we want to do those I got a couple random shoes here let’s see these look so bad 11 bucks I want to get ones that look actually real okay here we go easy glows this picture right here they do not look that bad go one down below look how horrible that looks in comparison looks like the upper meshing of EEZ literally does not even look like it easy that’s where the trick is there like that front picture there click baiting you all Air Mags cops aromatics cop there’s some off-white shoes and see like these actual decent I’m willing to spend a little bit more money and then you get that those don’t look bad Claes those aren’t bad maybe we’ll have to do the orange the Clay’s we added those to car let’s go the next one we’re gonna get these off White’s we’re gonna go for a US 11 then we got these Air Mags USB charging LED shoes but when you’re gonna make great you give him black eighty dot eighty bucks is a lot of money for a fake pair of shoes think we got to get some more there’s a smart ring here we go the traffic oh my why did they make it unc cup oh that’s a cop fifteen dollars these are gonna be such bad quality so back all the jordan six is too i’m gonna have a collection of fake shoes one this is going to be so much money that’s six pairs of shoes three hundred and fifty dollars for six pairs of fake shoot i’m going to pay with paypal so that i have some security abyss I cannot believe I’m spending three hundred and fifty dollars on fake shoes estimated arrival October 29 okay so they’re all for the most part gonna be here around the same time so that’s good oh wow don’t worry comforter we got some sneaks alright I’m Nick come check these out oh my what is that basketball basket this is going to be I got the actual brown one this is what they look like that just doesn’t even like though shape is off let’s do a video we make Nick wear them to sneaker con he has to wear some fake Jordans to sneaker comp that we both nothing funny alright looks you guys in three weeks about two three weeks is passing is now time to open these up and see what we got now I have recently got in a good amount of sneakers like these and I we have a parent here and hopefully we’ll be able to compare and see what looks better now if you guys don’t know I am running a gig where you can with these any other Travis Scott so you can check it in the link down below there’s two giveaways right now Sean Witherspoon Air Max 97 $1000 credit to stadium good so go check it out link down below so let’s first go for one with a box we’ve got three with the box three without a box so I’m not sure which ones are which but this one looks like it was opened up by USPS check that out right there looks like opened it to see what was inside maybe those customs oh is that a green box very similar to the Travis Scott Jordan six I’d be surprised because he’s just came out it is pull out the actual box to its box this is so much smaller all right we’re gonna get the other box of seat for size comparison look at this this is the actual box and this is the one from which colors on the sides this is for the exact same size choo choo they sent me the wrong one they sent me a ten but it’s okay so let’s get his reaction of unboxing right here I’m excited to see what these look like here we go oh they’re going pretty hard on this they put Jordan six paper in here we got the 23 paper and then inside we have oh my god these are so light I would say both of these is probably the weight of one of the actual ones to pull these out right here this is actually not bad like if you’re seeing this from afar I don’t know if you’d be able to tell check Wow one of the first obvious things is different is the sheen of it you can see like the nice suede and nubuck on this one which is the real one and this one is just like a dark green obviously this was like 30 bucks or something but it’s not that bad like while you watch of how it’s made is not absolutely terrible they even got face down there in the flap in the festival stash pockets that’s actually surprising inside it’s the same the only real difference is like obviously the quality I wonder if these glow-in-the-dark there let’s see alright so I’m putting the light on here from the phone and I’m gonna go ahead and see it should show on there ready look at that you can kind of see the globe is it going away like goes away hold on it does not last long it still glows which is surprising for this shoot coming straight from the fake factory this is not a UA this is just straight-up fake you can see it right there for a second split second then it’s gone where’s what the real ones watch the real ones and I put on there it stays you see it like slowly going away so I think a true test for this is going to be putting on one of these the real ones in not a big want to see me if you guys can decipher which is which alright guys so it’s time to put on the Jordan six Travis Scott now I just looked up the prices on these I paid forty seven dollars plus twelve dollars shipping for the e that is a lot of money now these do have the glow-in-the-dark on there they’re actually a decent bill so I’m gonna put the left real shoe on in the right fake one here we go Wow does not feel good at all it snows like these are going to break right now I need to tighten these up but this is just insane alright so we got both the shoes on what are you guys picking 47 dollars or 600 dollars that’s the resale price on these right now I don’t see why you’re worried like this because he’s dangerous till I hurt your foot over a build isn’t that bad they’re like if you look at them it’s not absolutely terrible but when it’s on it definitely does not feel like a sturdy shoe like my foot is like sliding out and they’re our size too small so these ones are kind of an album let’s see what should we got up next so first sneaker up Travis Scott Jordan sixes if I have to give these a rating out of their realness I think this is a hard shoe because the suede is so nice on the real pair that this I probably gave it like a for effort a 4 out of 10 because it still has go in the dark it doesn’t look like the shape and everything is good but the whole like material way off so put these behind it let’s go for the next sneaker now we’re gonna open this one up right here this one has no box with it so that’s some points off right there and we have the EZ 350 clays home I actually if you look at this if you’re not holding it you put these back that kind of looks real like from a faller the overall shape and everything is not that bad like that’s scary because this is not that expensive you look on the inside there you can see us as 350 not it’d be this easy but orange or the sole is a little much like you can see like there’s kind of like a grating of the orange but for what it is like 20 bucks or whatever was this is not bad like that’s scary that’s too easy to get a pair of shoes that look too similar this market is getting nuts so let’s go put these ones on see if they actually look that bad I don’t have a real pair of these right now I’ve had them before sold them but I’ll show you down next she was going to be the easy 350 b2 clay now I’m not a fan of b-2s in general just because of how they fit I just don’t feel like they fit that great they’re too tight and this honestly has a very similar fit to it it’s a lot lighter but it has that similar fit to where it’s like really tight by the toe the laces look a little bit small to me I don’t know no that does not look right right they’re distinct there should be a bigger gap between here with where this stripe start and this is like a lot more intense it’s not that intense like a gradient like that and these ones were $34 we do not get a box with them so I mean I feel like I’ve seen people walking around the street with worse Easy’s on their feet it does not say boost on the bottom and it says 350 copyright for sure they’re not trying to get to seeing a lot lot worse like the ones lights on the bottom yeah a lot worse than this next up what are we going for I think this is the air max just because they’re bigger is this this says shoes white blue I don’t know I’m gonna say let’s go to the next one diesel these might be like the Jordan one try not to cook this is K this is the Travis Scott Jordan one this is so ok this is funny this is what is this oh my this is so bad so I’m guessing they’re trying not to get legal trouble for selling these so they connect the swoosh here so it’s not an actual Nike swoosh it’s now I don’t know what that that is this is so bad like look at the difference this is like a leather like I supposed to make a leather and this is actual suede cuz it’s the real one look at the side-by-side hmm this just looks like this is his puffy eyes like a dunk up here oh my goodness this is bat says MKE internationalist instead of Nike it says Mk II but I connected it because they’re not allowed to say nike up here it says basketball instead of Air Jordan another one that they probably will get in trouble for this is terrible let’s compare these side by side with the ruins time to put on these Travis Scott I don’t even want to call these the Travis Scott I want to call them like the baddest custom they’re so badly fee that I don’t even know if this is even gonna go on my foot without breaking you should not be able to do this Griffin Jordan once so let’s put this on and see how it looks Hey what is in there something’s under my foot that felt really weird on my foot when I put it in there there we go Travis Scott Jordan ones what do you guys think reach them don’t crease um I mean on feet they kind of look more like a shoe but obviously these are bad these ones worth twenty dollars so that’s I mean again you’re getting your money’s worth you’re getting what you paid for which is twenty dollars worth of a shoe all right let’s put on some different selves look like a Jordan one mid there I just don’t even think they’re that close like that’s not a clothes sneaker but again the cost way down there let’s keep it moving and go to a box next I can’t remember exactly everything I got it feel like I got the off-white Jordan one in Chicago I think I don’t remember though there’s another one looks like to open it up it just smells like rubber and plastic so we have a Jordan one box probably the Chicago but they used like a regular going in one box over here size 10 oh this is a Jordan for Arizona for retro white blue and black let’s see what we got here oh absolutely forgot we got some Jordan fours so it turns out that I actually did buy a different sneaker this was not the one that I actually purchased I was looking through on wish at my recent orders and this is what a hak-soo order the Travis Scott Jordan for so looks like I got sent the wrong shoe regardless I got the Jordan for kind of mad because it was like 50 bucks but what can I do at this point just thought I tell you guys that before you get any farther in the video these are actually got some weight this is pretty good for what this is this shape and everything looks a little off but like honestly this is not that bad don’t man on the back I guess this is a shoe that’s been out for so much longer that even able to perfect a little bit better the material does not feel that bad I mean the overall shoot goes a little clunky but still if you walk by somebody on the road these I don’t think you would say that these are fake let’s go ahead and see let’s see if you guys would be able to tell these are real and some Jordan 4 I totally forgot what we got doors I’m surprised a shoe that I think is probably built the best out of all of them pick these out I mean it looked more solid of a sneaker than most of these other ones I don’t wear for as much but we have the broken ankle Jumpman on there that’s really bad but these are I just don’t know what to say about these I don’t wear for as much they’re obviously fake this colorway is alright but they’re fake daughter foreign that’s it they’re decent quality they kind of look bad now that I see them on feet they look like really but let me show you guys some shots um on t-shirts thing we have two left and which is which okay these are the max and these must be let’s see right here we have the off-white Jordan ones whoa it’s kind of good for owning these I can tell off the bat that they’re fake but that’s kind of good this is like not very defined on the real ones they’re defined inside this is definitely too small but the colors and the tote the more and more I look at it I’m like yeah this is not that good so look at these side-by-side obviously all they forgot the air come on man that’s like a key point I’m if you see on the inside there you can see like the tech size difference but from afar if you bought these for like 20 bucks and you’re just going to like destroy them or something it’s not that bad the more and more I look at it I could definitely see that they’re fake but first glance I’d be curious about buying like $200 pairs of things like the really good ones anybody knows where to get those let me know because I’d be interested to see its flex with these on get some b-roll with these boys next up is the off-white Jordan ones from a distance these actually look pretty decent like the colors are a little bit off but like the overall look is not that bad at all first off this toe is kind of messed up so we got these on though I feel like if you’re walking down the road somebody just like lightly glances they won’t really know too much of a difference through the clothes you will like see the 85 is still there the toe like flattens out it’s not supposed to flatten out like that and wow that’s so squishy but I want to get some good shots of these and show you guys what they look like see what you guys think [Music] last sneaker is going to be hopefully comes in as the Nike Air Mag knock you guys know I had a pair of those but I sold them I got too big of an offer and I said you know what I’m selling it but let’s see how these look Oh fashion first thing we get fashion this box decent this one alright let’s go ahead and see what these are looking like oh my goodness we have golly Lappe oh these are like broken one box trash but I do see it like oh we are missing a lot of attributes from this thing I’m sure for copyright issues there’s no Nike swoosh there’s no Air Mag on the back the heel is just look at that we’re blinking now Oh is wrong oh so you can have a solid blinking or flashing what a flips I wish I had the real pair here to go ahead and show you guys trying to figure out how this works so you take this strap Ethan I don’t know why they want to do this maybe it’s a base for shipping pull this around and that there we go that is the weakest heel I’ve ever seen I play basketball on these don’t break your ankles these are nuts look at that I feel like like somebody else has had you think name-brand has had these worn them multiple times this is one that people can make they’re making fakes of these shoes for a long time oh yeah let’s go we gotta go on t with these see how they feel see if we can even walk in them we should do like a run test and see if we can break any of these things because they’ll be funny to see how fast it takes for the Fall Apart bootleg boys last but not least we have the all-mighty tear mass I don’t even want to get my foot in this because this is like old you get their foot in It’s Showtime ankle is so floppy oh we got it I was just in this exact spot putting on real Air Mags like two weeks ago well there they are we got them on that little bit of a struggle let’s compare a shot me wearing these actually in here a few weeks ago and see what you guys think we’ll do a side-by-side paracin I mean these are they’re like a movie prop like you wear these for like some sort of fade back to the future thing it’s hard to give a description of what they’re like but add quality with this ankle right here this just doesn’t feel connected but I will give the benefit the DAO because we do have something that lights up for 80 bucks is it worth it though not in you know I kind of hurt that I spent $80 on these but hey do it for the content they give the sponsors we’re sponsoring this video and make it as possible so I just thought why not go ahead and try to take this cut this off because that’ll actually complete the swoosh make it look a little bit better so let’s see if we cut all the way up here I see if we can just cut this off real quick on I thought this was maybe like a rip-away oh there we go we’re gonna get close you look better there we go we got the actual swoosh now on the inside tube making custom Travis Scott’s cutting them open not clickbait now that looks a little bit better we have the nice little marker so they don’t get sued off and it looks a little bit more like the Travis six private six the Travis Jordan one so I’ve been sitting back trying to find some of the like main differences or main things that would make these look as bad as they do like what is the worst parts of these sneakers now one of the funny things that we found on the Jordan 4 check out the foot right here look how broken backwards like he like snapped that thing in half three times that’s what I feel like the only real flaw with this one is I don’t have a Jordan for this exact Chloe next to it to compare but a lot of stuff is actually really good it’s like a heavier shoe it’s got like all this stuff on the front surprisingly this one is like halfway decent so air jordan on the inside upside down this is what I think they’re trying to pass is real I don’t know if I really would I don’t think it would but then you lead to things like this the Travis Scott this is bad this is really bad like anything this is just not even close you got the colors close but I don’t know what their intention is with this one I bet you that these would probably fall apart after a couple wears like three to three wears I don’t know if I can make it that far though look at that you get the face on the back man when it comes to the easy clays and the inside it throws me off where it says 350 on there instead adidas easy other than that the color everything overall look hello stuff on there I know what that might be the weight and the rigidity of the shoe is obviously a factor but if you’re checking these out like if these were on the shelf back there you probably would not second-guess it the Travis Jordan sixes I would say is probably like the most effort out of all them besides the material but I know it would cost him a lot of money to get that material how many likes will it take for me to try to sell these two stock X and get banned I’m not gonna do it but that would be kind of quick it looks like a dog with these as well somebody’s dog at the factory maybe I don’t know what else to do with these sneakers like they are like cool I feel like I should do this with like an electronics or something too so I can actually do something but something like these I can put them on I could wear them but there’s no like testing how like I can run in them or a camera or something like that so if you guys wanna see some more like wish stuff then maybe like switching it up oh my god this is like you should not be able to do that this is like so solid you cut these in half and see what’s in them this one actually goes into says the ten on the inside I don’t know man what do you guys think so we continue buying more of these sneakers and like go all out and buy like ten more pairs of like height shoes or just say screw it because these are just so bad let me know actually what I really want is I want somebody to link me to like one of the best people that makes these makes fakes and maybe I’ll go ahead and do that like a two hundred dollar pair of fakes I’d be willing to buy that just to see how really good it is and see if it could fool me and then maybe I’ll put my friends up for the test and if they can guess what’s right and wrong I give me some money oh cool what do you guys think I think that’s gonna be it for now with the wish stuff it’s been a minute since we did it but uh thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed please if I like down below I’ll see you guys next time with comparisons I don’t know [Music]