Ray Lucas Talks About Football Concussions at Super Bowl XLVIII – GQ’s Casualties of the Gridiron

[Music] we are live here in the Sheraton Hotel ballroom New York City inside radio row which is completely packed and completely buzzing today as everybody in the world is now descended upon radio row including the Ray Lucas himself also Jennifer Smith part of passion usa.com there’s so much being talked about about post-trauma so to speak with the players and what they’re suffering from I guess knowledge is the best thing you could possibly have right absolutely when I came to pass I was probably taking anywhere from 1,400 pills a month 50 a day sometimes 60 a day to deal with the pain I didn’t have insurance I called one of the NFL outlets and said I’m gonna kill myself if I don’t get any help and the lady said I’m are very sorry mr. Lucas but we’re in a fundraising phase now the jersey of me our first language is profanity and that’s what she got right after I just said I’m gonna kill myself and you tell me what was done we could do with raising money but by some blessing from God someone called me and told me to call the woman to my right and the first step that I did was calling Jenn everything else has been just unbelievable I’ve been to rehab for 48 days I’ve been clean for three years I am the father that I’ve always wanted to be in the husband that I probably should have been and I wasn’t a friend a brother a son I got all that stuff back and it’s because of past and Jenn and dr. focaccia and the team doctor looking around this room how many of these guys in here that are walking through almost robotic Li giving interviews and saying all the right things and doing all the right things that are all players that haven’t admitted it yet because of all the reasons you said how many of those guys do you think are walking around this room let’s say 48 of the guys on each team 90% of those guys will be sitting where I’m sitting eventually you know you can’t think like I’m thinking now an amazing number because let’s face it there’s only five guys on the NFL roster that make enough money where they’re not gonna have to go to work for the rest their lives the other 48 guys are gonna at some point have to go to work and get a job to support their family and they don’t even think for a second with the abuse that they’re taking now I retired 10 years ago the game is ten times bigger faster and stronger and it’s just gonna get more violent so for them they’re gonna be sitting here and they’re gonna be saying I hope somebody did something for me they’re gonna be sitting right where I’m sitting guaranteed [Applause] [Music]