I Got A LaMelo Ball Jersey From DhGate… (and this happened)

yo what’s good youtube i’ma get straight to the point now i was on dhgate browsing you know and i ended up finding the lamellar ball jersey and i’m a huge lamellar ball fan i can’t even lie to y’all man you’re distracting me i can’t let you [Music] he been going crazy and i’m you know i’ve been watching them since um high school so it’s it’s dope to see you know all of this stuff at one point in time i had all the ball brothers jerseys i had lonzo’s lakers jersey and i had both of the um the uh lithuania jersey so i had to get this jersey just because i seen it on dhgate now this is just going to be like a review of the jersey from dhgate i will be getting his official like hornets jersey from the official nba or the official hornets site but um yeah this was just because they got some crazy colors on bhk there ain’t nobody awesome stuff i ain’t see you on the hornets website but yeah um we’re gonna get straight into it as y’all know they sent it in the bag i ain’t gonna show the other side i got a lot of different um chinese stamps and my address and stuff i want to show you all that so let’s go ahead and get this joint open okay so i actually ordered two jerseys and only one of them came in so far and this is just a regular you know i’m saying regular colorway so they come in this big old bag as you can see i’m gonna open up the bag can y’all see that it don’t smell too bad it do smell like it’s been in a factory somewhere though it got a i’m sleep it got a jordan tag on it y’all can see that it got a jordan tag on it then on the inside it’s a oh it’s just like a jordan brand tag yo dhgate they they getting to it man they ain’t playing around and then got the jumpman logo on the shoulder my kids upstairs running around playing and stuff uh yeah this joint the stitching look good i can’t even lie to y’all hopefully it’s focused enough for y’all to see that and low-key look pretty good let me bring the camera down so that y’all can see me a little bit more i’m gonna hold it up for y’all again boom i won’t do one of these joints at the bottom oh i can show you how to tag at the bottom this joint looked nice at the bottom you got a charlotte let’s say charlotte and then i got the uh swing man tag you know let’s check the back out back you got the nba logo bar number two you got anything else on the back no that’s about it i’m about to throw this joint on ain’t gonna lie to you i ain’t gonna pop the tag yet and i ordered a size large and that’s the size i wear so and they fit pretty cool you know what i’m saying i got some room in it it fit pretty cool hold on let me see if i can stand up and show y’all oh yeah a little bit i could stand up i ain’t got too much space over here yeah this joint is nice y’all see the front hmm and show you all the back did y’all even see the back let me show y’all again so yeah that’s the jersey man it looked real it looked real nice i can’t even lie to y’all got this on dhgate i ain’t do number type in um hornets jersey and i got a different bunch of different colors wait till y’all see the other color i ordered though i ordered a gold it’s like a golden black joint man um i thought my camera got the tweaking the golden black joint i ordered this crazy though y’all got to see and then i’m going to nba site and order the official jersey and then we’re going to do a comparison so we’re going to see you know the difference in the jerseys but yeah this this joint feel nice i ain’t gonna lie to you so yeah i ain’t got the link i ain’t a lot of y’all uh if you just type it in i’m telling you it’s gonna pop up i paid like twelve dollars twelve it was twelve dollars i can’t beat it i don’t watch it you can’t beat it but now i’m gonna get the real jersey though i think the real jersey was like 80 something like that i’m gonna get that we’re gonna do a comparison we’re gonna see what’s what um do a huge shout out to lamilo he’s been going crazy i know he went in rookie of the year i ain’t gonna lie i’m a lamello fan we going crazy this i mean well the record for this season ain’t the best but we still going crazy i know he went to rookie of the year but let me quit talking your head off because all y’all care about is the jersey that’s the jersey let me know what y’all think in the comment section down below let me know um if y’all ordered any other jerseys from dhgate that y’all think i should pick up that’s some you know nice quality and yeah i’ll see you on the next video