I Bought The Best 10 Sneakers Under $100

well i think we have a couple pairs of shoes to get into today yo what is good everybody and welcome back to the channel you guys know for the past couple weeks we’re showing you a bunch of different variations of buying shoes at certain prices well today i want to go to like one of the most budget prices that we usually do on this channel which is going to be 100 at the max for buying a pair of sneakers i think that’s important to have because when you come you have 250 shoes 500 you can buy a lot in those price ranges 100 and under finding stuff you can find it but finding stuff that you actually don’t wear it i’d actually want to wear is a little bit tougher so i wanted to do i set out today to go ahead and find some shoes under that price point but also from different variations including resell sneaker stores and stores from the mall things of that nature so everybody can have a chance at getting shoes like this so we have yeezys we have jordan ones we have jordan 11s we have vans new balance dunks yeezys we have all kinds of variation here all under 100 so i’m excited to show you guys let’s just jump into first things first we’re gonna go with a nike sb dunk high which actually this is a pretty cool box so i went to my local resale store full circle i also went to another one called hype and they had a bunch of shoes for under 100 bucks so i grabbed a pair this one right here was 80 a size 13 nike dunk high 1985 lemon drop so this actually sat in store for a little bit and i’m surprised i thought they would do better maybe because of the odd colorway but size 13 check these out nike dunks highs at 80 bucks these are going to be used of course in the scenario of buying sneakers and you’re wanting to find more hype stuff and you want to save a little bit of money the best route and my option for that is use this box is massive and pretty cool but i’m gonna put it aside now why i say use is because obviously the new prices are gonna be more so if you wanna find a bit of a deal and don’t mind wearing a ushu that’s lightly worn i think this is a good route because check these out the toes of these look like they’ve never been worn the upper’s never been worn it looks like look at the bottom barely slightly looks like they’ve ever been worn so that’s kind of the best route to go is to find stuff that people have taken care of their shoes and you can find a pretty good deal and their nike dunk hi which we have another one in this video of good quality leathers a little bit unique of a look probably harder to kind of match and wear but i still think it’s a good option i think you have to kind of do that especially a larger size 13. let’s switch over to retail side of things at a store from the mall so one of the classics that i’ve shown over the years that it’s at a hundred dollars flat and it never fails it always fits well easy to style you can work out in them you can do all that it’s going to be a nike blazer high mid 77 vintage so you’ve shown these a lot this is a cool colorway that’s sitting in a lot of the stores right now there’s a little duality in it where you have this nice green here which you can match with a bunch of stuff but boom you have black on the inside so you kind of have like two different color looking shoes here and then everything else is pretty simple i really like these a lot of people work out on these just like a classic workout shoe because it’s very flat but i like the green and the black option so you have both right there it’s pretty cool and these are at a hundred dollars flat at the mall and you can find these at jd sports you can find them at foot actually found a dtlr blazers are easy to find obviously they’re not super hyped but they’re still really cool shoes they look great fit great very high recommend next one up is a shoe that i don’t really show a lot which can be a jordan 11 specifically a jordan 11 low this is the 7210 right here this is that full circle as well for 80 also they have no box so that’s another hack that if you want to find some shoes maybe find a pair with no box might help you again this is going to be a relatively used shoe but it looks pretty much new on the bottom there if you’re a fan of 11 and 11 lows these were 80 i think it’s a really good deal obviously used again this is one that i probably wouldn’t wear but i just thought it would be a good option to throw a different type of jordan in not just a jordan 1 or jordan 4 or anything like that a jordan 11 these are the 7210 lows all right guys lord harrison neville popping in to give a huge shout out to the sponsor today’s video which is going to be established titles if you guys are curious on how i got the title of lord harrison evil let me explain there’s a historic scottish custom that if you own at least one square footage of land you can be given the title of lord or lady each certificate comes with a unique plot number in which you can see the exact location of your land just check 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there off the wall they came out with a couple different shoes this one right here vans authentic and the low versions you can see on the side we have a lot of stuff representation of the show if you watch the show you would get it they also have a bunch of vans highs there the skate hives which have like friends don’t lie on there a demogorgon on it looks really cool this low is actually a really wearable one compared to the other ones i think you have the hits from the surfer boy pizza shop right there just a bunch of different like shirts great vibes here i really really like this shoe the other ones are a little bit more and i probably would have picked those if i could but these were 90. now if you guys didn’t know i have a one of 2 000 numbered eddies warlock right here these are reselling like crazy this is an official stranger things collab with bc rich check this out on the back right here this is number number 20 of 2 000 it says stranger things on the back super limited that these came out with this was like retail 900 which is a lot when i bought it they’re reselling for like 4 000 which is absolutely insane i’m not selling mine though i really love that and i’m so glad i was able to get it for retail so stranger things vans hold a special place in my heart and uh i have all the other pairs coming they’re just not under 100 bucks for another resale store we have a pair of new balance these are new balance size 12 a 992 this is a pretty good colorway as well wanted to throw some new balances in there they are obviously very popular pretty cool colorway we have gray blue yellow a bunch of different hits there are a ton of different versions of the new balance you can get for 100 right now especially the 550 we got in a video a while back you can get those for retail in a black and white colorway really really clean these ones are used right here and we’re at 80 bucks this is a size 12. this is a more unique one to kind of dress a little bit differently not where the typical jordan ones and things of that nature but i think this is a good one new balance is you can never go wrong and the 992 is a good silhouette as well as the 550s leave a comment right now so far of all the shoes that you saw which would you pick all right next one this is a replacement box 100 bucks you can see right there in my size this is a nike dunk low undefeated in a size 11 the brown pair i think for a hundred dollars this might be one of the best pairs they had it on the shelf no box 100 bucks these are going for like what 150 160 brand new pretty used if you can’t tell but i think regardless this is a really good colorway to kind of wear the brown the little yellow hits i think it is really clean good leather good different quality materials so i think this is a winner right here for a hundred dollars especially like come on hundred bucks moving on we had a pair of jordan ones these are from a resale store as well another one at no box another one that you can kind of get good deals if you look for ones in no box and use as you can see these actually are in really good condition they don’t look used at all the bottoms barely worn that actually has a translucent outsole so like you would think it would be a little bit more worn but it is not this is the jordan one zooms these were a hundred dollars with no box on the shelf so hype 24 7 is the spot that i want you to get these they always have the best options when it comes to 100 and under never fails every time we go there for these type of videos so if you guys in the atlanta area want you to under 100 bucks they are the ones to go for in my opinion so you kind of have a balance of a used shoe that’s a little bit more hype and a new shoe from like a retail store that may not be as hype but you like better that’s new getting away from nike for a second we have some adidas another one from hype we got three pairs from there this is a yeezy quantum these are a size 11 and a half they had these at 75 bucks 75 bucks these are prices that they were literally on the shelf you could have gone in there bought them for 75 bucks no trickeries done here we’ll pull these out a pair of quantums and 11 and a half these are used pretty used as you can see you could definitely clean these up but i think that this the easy quantums are ones that aren’t selling for that much or selling that often because they release so many but if you like the silhouette which i think a lot of people can pull these off 75 for this the retail on these is like 180 to 200 maybe literally it’s probably two and a half times what i got them for 75 bucks used but again if you’re gonna wear the shoes already you can go ahead and just get them used why not all right two more we got an sb and we have a dunk high so this is a nike sb that nick usually is the one to pick these out nike sb box this is actually a nausea in a clean colorway retail 95 bucks at zumi’s this is my size size 11. this is the free 2.0 in a blue and orange colorway these are sick look at that blue and orange right there this is such a clean colorway they had a bunch of different colorways there as well that’ll throw up on the screen great colorways the niger free 2 is a really cool sneaker if you like the skate as well it has a nice flat bottom sp hit there i always recommend getting these they had like a laker style colorway that we actually have here as well up on the wall so you know we like the niges here these are nice and used too all right last one up is from jd sports this one i actually got i i was checking out and the retail was a little bit above 100 so i screwed up but you can get a smaller size at 100 flat so i meant to get the smaller size but they said they had this one i was like sure i’ll grab it so this is a nike dunk high in a laker colorway pretty sweet so they had these sitting there they’re about to put them on the shelves and people were coming in asking for them i said if you have an 11 and a half i will grab them i think these are gonna be a really popular one obviously anything like her colorway it’s gonna go crazy and these retail are a hundred and twenty bucks the smaller sizes eight below are a hundred dollars so you can definitely get them at 100 bucks maybe if you want to do women’s size you can get them at 100. these i after i checked i was like dang it i got one that was a little bit over because i thought i was getting the other side and i switched it up and some of the other videos a lot of you guys said we need more affordable budget options well this is a hundred dollars and under some of the cheapest you can get some of them at 75 bucks new balances vans jordan one highs dunk high dunk glows blazers all kinds of sneakers so go ahead and if you want any of these mostly we put them on my website hairstyle.com at the price that i paid so go ahead and check that out right now harrisonville.com there’s always inventory going up don’t forget to enter the giveaway we have going on right now over on my instagram we have the jordan 4 military blocks as well as on my text sign if you text right here it automatically enters you in for the recent pair of shoes which is an all white air force one thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please leave a like down below i’ll see you guys next time this is harrison signing out [Music] you