5 Obvious Signs of A CHEAP Shoe (Avoid These Things)

what makes a cheap shoe and how do you spot one of these on the shelf well I’m hoping that by the end of this video you’ll be able to tell me I find that in most cases cheap shoes aren’t really worth the investment mainly because they don’t look particularly great they wear out really quickly and not to mention they rub your feet to bits most of the time I see loads of guys walking around with shoes that are under about 30 pounds on the feet most of whom I can see have got blisters and I would know because that’s happened to me I recently bought these super cheap shoes on one of my style challenges and they absolutely ripped my feet a bit I was left with full blisters after barely any time wearing these so how did you avoid these mistakes I’m gonna make you a shoe detective and I’m gonna point out some of the things that you can look for a glaringly obvious sign that your shoes are really cheap is they’re not even made out of proper leather and instead they’re made out of varying types of faux leather a popular choice is polyurethane also known as the PU leather which is essentially just plastic and you can tell that a shoe is made of pleather because often it has a bit more of a shiny finish and also the surface you get a bit of like a rubbery feel and when you scrape across it listen to this you don’t get that with leather is because there’s a very slight tackiness to the surface also this stuff bends like no tomorrow and it’s typically very thin in some cases at the really low end of things like significantly worse than this you’ll see the outer layer actually peeling off if you touch it too much often splitting apart not looking good the second way to spot a cheap shoe is to look for a poor quality rubber sole now unlike other people that I’ve seen online who would put this as their number one factor you know if the shoe has a rubber sole it’s cheap but when it comes to rubber soles it really varies so much if you want to be one of those guys that will only ever wear leather sole shoes then be my guest and then go and break your neck next time it rains rubber really does have a purpose and a place if it’s good rubber in all truth the rubber sole on this pair of shoes actually aren’t terribly bad I’ve seen a lot worse at this sort of price come to these one giveaway sign that the rubber sole is terrible is that the bottom layer is incredibly thin in a lot of cases with really cheap shoes when you’re walking you can feel everything that’s on the surface of the pavement and you’ll be able to literally get your finger and easily bend and flex the bottom to the extent where the insole you’ll see is moving up and down these formal shoes here for instance which I’ve had for substantially longer and have a much more solid rubber sole on it’s a lot thicker and certainly much more rigid and also this is completely solid throughout a lot of the really low-end shoes typically more the formal shoes rather than the trainers you’ll find have a hollow sole so they’ll have an outer edge of rubber and then a gap before the actual base of the shoe which means that you’re going to be eroding through that in no time at all telling the difference between a decent quality rubber sole and a cheaper quality rubber sole if you’re not that experienced can be quite difficult I’d suggest when you go and shopping for shoes check a few places have a feel of the base I’m fortunate because I worked in a shoe shop for four years so I’m familiar with the variety in terms of the quality of the sole but rubber can be really useful like I said before for places where it’s not very sunny but in general in terms of you know maximum durability and performance leather soles like this one are probably optimal I mean what I’ve done with this one is I’ve actually and have these custom-made with their sort of rubber dimples on the bottom which gives me a bit more grip whilst retaining the structure of the leather sole then again when you’re talking about leather soles although you are getting high quality it comes at a higher cost competitive rubber the third sign of a cheap pair of shoes comes down to the laces cheap shoes come with cheap laces my friend Frederic from the stallion life YouTube channel had a bit of an experience with cheap laces in February he came over we were going to go to the mental Winchell conference in America and as we head out to the airport he ties his shoelaces on his cheap shoes and rips the laces off the laces were so low quality they literally ripped it in half and obviously no one probably wants to be in that situation and I know you come by later separately if you want to for shoes but really when you look at you know companies making shoes for that low price point they cook costs everywhere but when you look at the laces and you feel like they could easily rip apart then that’s a warning sign to you it’s just another area of expense that you don’t need you want your shoes to last well however these trainers for well over three years now and the laces are fine they’re a little bit ragged but they’ve lasted very well overall this can be important when you’ve got a pair of shoes that are in a very specific color like these where it’s difficult to get the laces to match for number four we’re going back down to the bottom of the shoe we are looking at the sole again but this time not necessarily the material we need to look at how the sole is actually fixed onto the shoe because a sign of a cheap shoe is that this sole is actually being glued on these are easy to spot because this type of shoe normally has no stitching around the perimeter has no stitching anywhere on the bottom of the shoe and will often have slides glue marks around the edge just like with these don’t know if you can quite see that on the camera but it is just about noticeable with the naked eye now the risk that you take with glued Footwear is the potential that this could rip off from the top because this shoe is made with two parts literally just bonded together with some sort of adhesive and if you ever played football on the school playground you will have seen stuff like this I remember when I was a kid everyone used to rip their shoe soles off completely they’d kick the floor and then the sole would peel away and then the shoe was completely ruined even with trainers you can get trainers that actually have a stitched sole which this proves much more resilient when it comes to overall durability it’s going to take a hell of a lot to part the main part of the shoe with the sole for this one and also in some cases having is stitched sole can’t help with waterproofing the shoe nothing worse than stepping in the puddle and having your toes completely soaked so have a look see if it’s got this stitching make sure its real stitching not fake stitching like lots of brands are putting on their shoes and then obviously if you’ve got a leather sold shoe with some form of welt on it then this is going to be the most optimal again but again this is primarily restricted to a little bit more formal shoes and the fifth and final thing to look for to identify cheap pair of shoes is this bit in the middle the lining and this thing really is the killer with Footwear because if you’ve got a pair of shoes with a really uncomfortable lining your feet are [ __ ] no one buys a pair of shoes to have your feet bleeding all day in them now there are different approaches when it comes to the linings of the shoes in most cases a leather lining is optimal for comfort this one has primarily leather around the edges and then you’ve got cork as the base for this one this one has the objective to soak up moisture but you’ve got plenty of other options with shoes especially formal shoes where it’s leather throughout the inside typically the cheaper end shoes will have a fabric lining instead with some sort of foamy cushion inside there’s a couple of big problems when it comes to this stuff firstly this fabric can be really harsh on the skin of your feet if your foot is moving at all in the shoe you’re gonna get some sort of erosion these disintegrate really quickly and perform terribly in wet weather and also you’re probably going to be left with stinking sweating feet so let’s recap they’re cheap shoes typically have faux leather you want to go for at least some sort of real leather instead normally performs better cheap shoes have a poor quality rubber sole depending on what type assume what function you want just try and go for either a better quality rubber sole or a leather sole if you can’t afford it or you can have one like I had where you’ve got the rubber bits actually built into it for extra grip in the leather sole you want to make sure you’ve got laces that don’t rip out be aware of the glued / cemented sole and also look out for a cheap lining that could ruin your feet so now you know how to spot a cheap shoe I want to know what budget you have when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes press the I in the corner of the screen right now and I’ve got a few different price bracket options because for future videos I want to know what sorts of budgets you guys have to play with personally for me I will normally not spend under 50 pounds on any shoes because I find the value proposition to not be worth it in terms of comfort durability and you spending more in the long run and looking worse at the same time let me know in the comment section below what’s your worst experience with shoes I want to hear some funny stories I bought some funny stories of my own if you enjoyed the video make sure you press the like button and if you want to see more similar videos just like this one on what to wear and how to style your hair then make sure you press the round subscribe icon just to this side here and then I’ve got two more fun videos hopefully about shoes just below me down there as well so go and watch one of them next then I’ll see you on the next one