What New Jersey is ACTUALLY like

Hello everybody and welcome back to another

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My name is Evan Edinger and I’m from a little

state in the US called New Jersey.

Though I would never really say that.

I’d say I’m from South Jersey.

And I’m sure everyone else from South Jersey

would agree.

We don’t wanna be associated with people

from the north.

For being such a small state, we have a huge

amount of culture.

There are so many foods and expressions that

I thought were just American, or even just

English, but no we also have our own culture

and language it seems.


First thing you need to know about people

from New Jersey, we’re proud.

We’re proud to be from New Jersey.

Where I see people from a lot of other states

constantly talking down on their states, New

Jersians seem the opposite.



you were gonna move to New Jersey and asked

someone what their one piece of advice would

be… no doubt in my mind… it’d be…

stay in the right lane.

New Jersey is very religious about driving.

And nothing annoys us more than a Pennsylvania

driver seen on the road mostly because they

don’t know how to drive, will chill in the

left lane under the speed limit or will miss

their exit on the turnpike and attempt to

go in reverse.

Because we’re a state with a very beautiful

shoreline people from Pennsylvania and New

York will commute through our state to get

there, in the summer months especially, it

can get really frustrating cause these people

just don’t know how to drive.

If you’re ever in the car with someone from

New Jersey I’d be surprised if at least

once you didn’t hear them complain about

a Pennsylvania driver on the road.

We’re so big into driving that a lot of

people will tell you where they live relative

to their exit on the turnpike.

Now as someone from the south of the state,

this has never really been that big of a thing

as I just kindof have to say you know Cherry


And then go yeah I live like 40 miles from


For those from New Jersey, I grew up around

exit 3 and moved to exit 2.

alright I’m probably driving you crazy talking

about roads, but it’s a big deal for us.

On a lot of roads you can’t even take a

left in New Jersey so you gotta take a jughandle.

So when you wanna go left you get in the right

lane and either before or after where you

want to turn will be a slip road that brings

you back to the intersection from the other


Fun fact: Jersey has the most dense system

of highways of any state in the US.

So we’re proud of it.

Stay in the right lane please.

Also if you wanna leave the state you have

to pay cause every bridge leaving the state

is a toll road but only to leave.

You’re free to come in though!


But driving aside New Jersey is really big

on its cuisine.

If you’re unaware New Jersey is actually

the diner capital of the world, despite being

the fourth smallest state it has more diners

than any other state at around 525.

It’s not even more diners per square mile…

it’s just got more diners.

It’s a big community thing for us and everyone’s

got a local diner to go to.

The breakfast food there is usually unbeatable

but they’re always open 24 hours a day so

no matter where you are in jersey and no matter

what time of day, there’ll be a diner you

can go to.

One Jersey specialty you can snag at a diner

is pork roll egg and cheese.

I don’t know why pork roll hasn’t caught

on in the rest of the states cause it’s


People from the north call it Taylor Ham which

causes quite a lot of fights as pork roll

just makes a lot more sense.

Now you’ve heard me talk about it many times

before but for New Jersians, Wawa is a way

of life.

They say it’s a convenience store, but we

all know it’s so much more.

You can get a hoagie made to order however

you like, loads of different tastycakes, great

coffee, and most Wawa’s these days are gas

stations so you can just pull up and get food

while they pump your gas.

Cause it’s against the law to pump your

own gas in New Jersey.

We pump our fists not our gas.

The name “Hoagie” comes from when Italian

Immigrants would make sandwiches on Hog Island

in the Delaware River during World War 1 and

Hoggies or Hoagies caught on.

Meatball sub You’ll never catch me calling

it a sub.

I WILL ask you sub to my channel though.

thank you

Now a lot of you that aren’t from the states

might have heard that New York is known for

its pizza, it’s also known as not quite

as good as New Jersey pizza which is the best

in the entire country.

The worst thing about leaving New Jersey is

that no pizza no matter where I go will ever


Every small town and suburb you go to will

have a countless number of pizza places run

by italian immigrants like papa luigi, pat’s

pizzaria, mac and manco’s which is boardwalk

pizza which is on a whole nother level of


I’m talking the big slices you gotta hold

and you gotta fold.

And it’s not like just standard topics as


New Jersey is the only state you can walk

into a pizzaria and find a Philly Cheesesteak

hoagie pizza, and be like… that sounds amazing.

But uniquely instead of saying you’d like

a large pizza, most people from New Jersey

will say something like can I get a large

pepperoni pie.

We just call them pies cause they’re a pizza


The thing is, New Jersey had so many Italian

immigrants in the state and so that’s why

you can get some amazing Italian American

food like our pizza or ziti or even panzarottis

which is another thing I didn’t realise

they didn’t have outside of New Jersey but

they’re like small deep fried pizza turnovers.

If you get a chance, try the Fat Sandwich

or Fat pizza or fat anything really where

a diner or restaurant throws like everything

on the sandwich, mozzarella sticks, chicken

wings, you name it.

Aside from these, we’re also known for our

salt water taffy which is just taffy made

with salt water by the shore, and also in

the summer, you can pick up some water ice.

Another treat from Italian immigrants, water

ice is like similar to sorbet / a snowcone,

but it’s it’s own unique thing.

It’s creamy, yet grainy and is a big New

Jersey tradition to get some water ice in

the summer or for free at Rita’s Water Ice

on the first day of Spring.

One big thing I’ve missed a lot about New

Jersey after moving away is the lack of good

soft serve ice cream.

Every small town in New Jersey has its own

family-run frozen custard stands.

And these custard stands like cream valley

custard in Woodstown or Dippy’s Ice Cream

in Mantua, all offer soft serve ice cream,

but they all make it in different ways meaning

you’ll definitely wanna travel a bit to

get to your favourite one.

Whereas over here there’s practically no

difference between a vanilla soft serve at

mcdonalds and anywhere else, which is horrifying.

They don’t know what they’re missing over


It’s very sad.

Slap some rainbow jimmies on my creamsicle

swirl and I’m a happy man.

custard stands

And lastly, we are known as the garden state

cause a lot of the countries best produce

comes from New Jersey.

Georgia is known for peaches, but anyone from

the tristate area knows, New Jersey is known

for its tomatoes.

They’re just hands down the best.

But we also have loads of fresh corn, peaches,

blueberries, cranberries and asparagus.

And during harvest there’s loads of pick

your own farms you can snag fresh produce

from or pick up something like an apple cider

donut from Mood’s.

Fun Facts

There are a couple of urban legends from New

Jersey like the jersey devil or driving to

a concert in camden and coming back alive,

but the jersey devil specifically is this

winged demon creature that lives in the pine


As a teen your friends might challenge you

to walk down one of the roads the Jersey Devil

is said to haunt at night.

It’s pretty spooky.

A couple more fun facts: New Jersey has the

highest population density out of any state

with 1000 people per square mile which is

13x the average.

Also, if you’ve ever played monopoly you’ll

find this interesting.

They changed the game in the UK so the properties

are just random there, but all the properties

from the game are the streets you pass one

by one as you’re making your way to the

boardwalk in Atlantic City new jersey. which

by the way is the longest boardwalk in the


And we have many more down the shore.

Personally I’ve always leaned towards Ocean

City if I wanted a good all around beach,

and wildwood if I wanted the rides.

We have a crazy amount of malls.

No joke there is one point in New Jersey where

there are 7 malls within a 25 mile radius.


a kid a lot of times parents would drop you

off at the mall Friday after school and you’d

just kinda wander around with friends.

Deptford mall and cherry hill

mall were always big favourites of mine.

The day before Halloween we celebrate Mischief

night where the youth go out and toilet paper

and egg houses.

You’d always see huge amounts of toilet

paper in the trees of certain houses on Halloween


I don’t know why we do this as a state,

but no one else seems to do it.

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Thanks for watching and if you’re wondering

why I haven’t talked about central jersey

it’s because it doesn’t exist.