what’s good youtube man it’s your boy kwaney i’m back with another being in today’s video i will be showing y’all best replica sneaker websites for back to school you feel me because i know half y’all going back to school so i want to get y’all right get y’all dripping you know i’m saying i know a lot of people can’t afford all the expensive shoes and all that for me so i just wanted to help you out get y’all some drip for back to school have y’all looking right just letting me in the back you feel me just looking right and clean i want to get y’all some kicks in but that’s that like comment subscribe turn on my notifications and yeah subscribe especially if you’re new man we on the road to 4k i appreciate y’all we’re growing fast and yo like come subscribe follow my social medias follow my tick tock my instagram snapchat and yeah i hit people up back on snapchat sometime i’ve been delayed but other than that we’re not gonna talk too much we’re gonna get into the websites yeah okay they need no buzz yeah we finished screen record the website three two one go so the first website we got is and if y’all know i promote this website a lot for me this is the website i always prefer it’s my go-to that’s where i get all my sneaks from basically not all of them but majority of them you feel me that’s why i shop but we’re gonna scroll down but they got air jordans yeezys nike dunks like you off white mikey travis scott nike union vape balance nike other brands adidas pumas crocs they got literally anything brah that’s all i’m saying brad they got the new all fights i just dropped you feel me for the love they got new off they got the new balance uh they got the ben and jerry’s they got more stuff just keep scrolling even got basketball shoes so i know basketball season isn’t starting see i can get rank cop you have some bicycle shooting man literally just cop some basketball shoes they got jordan floors they got pretty much everything and these websites have unreleased shoes so you can get them earlier as you can see in the back there’s the cherries down there i got them unreleased from sneaker well so yeah you can undo these shoes they got the vodkas the ones that just dropped all that bruh that’s just for y’all to check out y’all check their website out and you can use my coat as well everybody have top quality fast shipping and yeah you won’t get your shoes for sure all these websites and these videos you’re gonna get your shoes for sure but they always want to do right they always going to come right top quality everything but anybody got anything on his website oh god i win lottie i’m just trying to get y’all boys right now you feel me so yeah go tap in with them yeah we going to the next website all right y’all know the next one three two one go you feel me so we on to monica you feel me yeah i can use my code as well but yeah going to monica this is another website i prefer as you go as you all can see they got crux you feel me they just dropped they put a load to you for me and yeah and they got everything they got sales right now so probably i would go tap in with them and go get what you want you for me school about to start your knee shoes for the low for the cheap of school fish shoes and their reps you feel me rock your reps man for me they literally the same as real so you can do whatever you want school about to start bro you need you some drip you have to it’s only about right and you got to use the code i’m trying to get y’all boys right but they got black cats uh white oreos the bread forest we got more places as y’all can see again for the low you feel me they got all that for the low they got their nike dunks for me they got all that before is once again as y’all can see that’s for y’all to go peep out yeah i’m just going down there website they got unreleased as well tap in with them and yeah they’re pretty tough we’re gonna go through more little categories or whatever i’m gonna go to the new release and go to new release guessing this is new release so these just dropped and all that so y’all go tapping with them y’all can see they got the basketball shoes once again they got the kobe’s top quality yes you can open them as well let me just keep scrolling doing the off-whites once again uh they got more shoes the fours that just dropped the purple ones i need to get those two might have to cop me something after this i have to do it but yeah that’s what they got uh yeah they’re gonna scroll they got new balance based us that’s what you gotta go tapping with and i’m gonna let that be we’re going to the next website now we go to the next website three two one go you feel me so this website is called best sneakers i’m guessing i think it’s bst sneakers regardless another website calls over here whatever you feel me slide through and see what they got you know i mean so boom they got uh air jordan was they got black cats they got the new markers that just dropped they pretty much all got the same thing they got babesters uh and they got a cell bro so they got the forest more basis they got the cherries that didn’t drop didn’t drop yet they dropped in december but y’all can get them early you know i’m saying that’s the plug right there they got the forest once again got some more dunks they got the sixes that just dropped i believe uh they got yeezys foam runners the off whites the green ones got those that just dropped as well got more off lights yeah cheap i’m going to cheat yeezys or i’ma go to under 100 you feel me under 100 let’s go to that one so i know y’all see as y’all can see right here under 100.99 i see this is the site you want to go to you feel me they got stuff for the love got easy slides for the low i’m pretty sure they got shoes for the love for me you got the kids shoes so if your kid looking for shoes and you try to go back to school and try and get drippy trying to look right for the young little ladies you feel me and get him some shoes if you feel me so i know y’all not saying they got some kid shoes exclusive shoes for cheap right yes they’re reps but hey they’re cheap bro you shoot the kid can be out here looking right bruh that’s all i’m saying they got some new shoes they got some more you feel me so yeah get your kids some shoes for back to school and trying to look right yeah you feel me go crazy yeah we going to the next website so this is my last website i got three two one go you feel me so as y’all can see let me slide back up it’s coco it’s called coco shoes dotnet you feel me the code gonna be on the screen as well gonna get y’all boys right you feel me so now i’m gonna scroll down see what they got all right so they got some yeezy slides professional for a site like this i would prefer you get your youth slides off now because there is probably the cheapest dollars for some yeezy slots so yeah go ahead and cut some easy slots from runner 69 they got the cheapest lives and all that so i’m just trying to help y’all out on the slides uh they got black cats off whites the cause uh the thunders uh they got valenciaga so if you need any designer shoe this is the site to go to they got big buildings triple s’s so yeah this is the site i prefer if you try and get some right for some designer i got some designer shoes from got some dealers from the mom yeah they got the westiagas they got air jordan ones they got dunks they got alexander mcqueen so if you need some if y’all need some um designer shoes this is the site to go to because i know a lot of y’all been asking me where to get uh where did you get the designer shoes this is the site this is the side get my designer shoes go tap in with them and y’all go crazy bruh school about to start you can use my code and it’s even more off bruh it’s more off they got a sale going on all these websites got a sale going on it’s back to school bro get right get right please get right now i got everything you need bro they got legit reviews so if you want to check that out before buying go ahead and tap in bruh for me all these companies got fast shipping fast shipping reliable uh you won’t get your shoes they’re gonna be top quality i know this is a little pricey but y’all gotta think about it this is top quality reps you getting what you buy you feel me in the shipping as well so yeah top quality reps they all got top quality shoes they all good all that you feel me they all got all the good shoes i made this video for people going back to school and just people in general knew this would help out because i know a lot of people are going back to school so i want to get you all right some cheap shoes for the love from exclusive shoes or i had to get you all right because i know a lot of people can’t afford so i had to get out the video for y’all yeah hopefully this helped all the links are in the description if you want to cop something my code is down here too follow my social medias from my instagram my tick tock my snapchat y’all finna go crazy no kidding me no [ __ ] subscribe what is you doing you have to subscribe and i will be doing the giveaway real soon for me hit 70k on tick tock and i’m about to hit 4k on here so i got to do a giveaway it’s only about right i’ll get back so y’all stay tuned for that subscribe turn on my notifications and yeah we out this day [Music]