Opening My Drunk DHGate Football Jersey Order

[Applause] i did it again i got blackout drunk and ordered a bunch of soccer jerseys off dhgate i know some of them i think vaguely but there’s some that i just have no idea which they are so i figured i’d make a video open them up and just see what we ended up getting here we go all right package number one puma it’s an italy jersey i i know that already [Applause] there’s two of them um wow it is an italy versace soccer jersey um that is wow this is definitely [Music] a look it’s definitely something um for some reason there’s two of them which i don’t know why um could have been a mistake they’re both the same size but i have two of them so once again i i don’t even remember ordering these and i got two of them so i must have at the time thought i was going to get it for someone else and and here we are so this this will be a nice gift for somebody and uh and we’ll go from there i guess all right got my next one here let’s uh [Applause] let’s see what we got don’t no [Music] oh okay okay i’m very happy i ended up getting this got my canada jersey jonathan david ready for the world cup which we’re finally there canada in the world cup who would have thought who would have thought so got my jonathan david jersey i am very very happy about this very happy it’s nike 2 which nike usually fit very well um [Applause] this next one is uh oh god here we go scott mctominy scotland jersey oh my god what was i thinking um love the player love scott mctominy guy’s a warrior battles but um i mean it’s adidas which adidas usually fit well uh a bit of a low neck um but uh but yeah scott mctominy scotland jersey i now own this so um definitely happy about the jonathan david i’m happy about this um i don’t know why i did this but um hey you know what i’m all i’m all about the obscure uh obscure soccer jerseys so we’ll uh we’ll go on to the next one here all right next one up let’s see uh see we got here it’s red it’s red uh okay all right well i double dipped i double dipped on this one and i went um for the red canada jersey uh davies alfonso i mean i guess i couldn’t decide on which one so i got both but i’m not upset at this at all get to uh get to rep canada at the world cup we’re guaranteed three games in the world cup we’ll take it we’ll take it so at least i know i got two different jerseys i could cycle through so not upset about this one we’re good next let’s see what this one is why [Applause] this must have been for somebody tommy abraham roma jersey this had to have been for somebody um i mean it’s nice roma they they got the if you don’t know the story about the roma crest it’s definitely worth uh worth googling but um new balance jersey um this might be a gift no no disrespect to tommy abraham but um yeah roma roma i have i have some family from there so maybe uh maybe this might be a nice gift for one of them but uh yeah um there’s another one gone here are the two mystery jerseys that uh i ordered so we’ll see uh we’ll see what i ended up getting here i hope i hope they’re good i hope it’s not um [Applause] well there’s a messy barcelona which definitely giving this one away um yeah um it’s nice and all but um no no no so this will definitely be a nice gift for somebody and uh and yeah that was nice um germany white kit um is this their world cup it’s got the four stars um doesn’t say um which tournament this is for there’s no name by the way um but i already have uh the black version of this which i really like i find the adidas fits very nice and also the the black germany jersey is just so clean um i’m not mad at this white white’s not really my color but um i’m not too mad at this this might also be end up being a gift for somebody but um this definitely is probably i did not want real or barca and got a barca messi so hopefully i’ll make someone happy it will go to to a good place and uh and we’ll probably never do that again until next time i get blackout drunk and end up ordering these again so thanks for watching and uh maybe there’ll be a more of these videos to come