The TOP 10 Best Shoes Under $100

i honestly do have a lot of pair of shoes but one thing that i realized is that most of my shoes cost under a hundred dollars which had me thinking there are a lot of shoes out there that cost under a hundred dollars but when i searched up online i saw a lot of weird shoes that i honestly didn’t like but there was 10 that i really did like so today that’s exactly what i’m going to be showing you the top 10 shoes for under 100 that go with literally everything now the first shoe is going to be the nike daybreak and let me tell you right now this shoe is one of the lightest shoes that i have ever picked up as soon as you pick it up in hand you’re actually going to be surprised on how light this shoe is especially when you put it on foot you’re going to be even more surprised because it feels like you have nothing on there which can be a good and bad thing it all depends on the season right now where i’m at over 100 degrees so this is one of the best shoes that you can get for a season like this but if it is on the colder side you do want to avoid shoes like this but for 90 it’s a perfect pickup now like i said it is mostly for like a summer shoe or like a more warmer time but for under 100 it’s a good pickup and i highly recommend the next one is going to be adidas stan smith’s now i don’t know how many times in this channel that i’ve said that you should be able to look good no matter what occasion especially for those more formal occasions i know a lot of younger guys do not have any good footwork for some more formal outfits and if you’re not comfortable with boots or just in general you’re not comfortable with dressing up too much the adidas and smith’s is gonna be a perfect option because for only 90 dollars it’s a classic leather canvas sneaker that will go with anything you could dress it up you could dress it down it’s a very versatile shoe so it’s a perfect pickup for under a hundred dollars the next one is going to be the reebok classic nylon now most shoes that are under a hundred dollars you’re gonna see them everywhere in fact you’re gonna see most people have a pair of themselves but when it comes to reebok classic nylon i feel like it’s a good little switch up that you don’t see a lot of people wearing i really like this shirt from multiple different ways again i like to wear stuff that not a lot of other people have which makes it a perfect way to stand out and then these shoes are going to be a good help for that not only that they are very comfortable so especially if you’re going to be walking around a lot with some friends one day and you know you need a good comfortable shoe this is going to be a perfect shoe for that now for only 65 dollars it’s a perfect pickup you can’t really go wrong with it i really like it in the color black they do sell a bunch of different other colors now me personally i do struggle to buy shoes that are not in the color white in fact most of my shoes are in the color white so if you want to switch it up a perfect shoe that goes good in the color black are going to be these reebok classic nylons so i highly advise they pick them up you can definitely check it out in the description i’m going to leave every shoe on there so that way you could pick it up really easily especially for this back to school season you need some good pickups so hopefully this list will help you with that the next one is going to be the new balance 574 now this shoe is definitely on the come up because i have seen a lot more people wear it it’s definitely known for being a very comfortable sneaker so again if you need another shoe where you know you’re gonna be walking around a lot especially in school if like your classes are really far apart one thing that i hated back in high school was the fact that i would wear shoes they were not too comfortable and when my classes were really far from each other i would hate that entire walk on the way there so to avoid this you definitely need a more comfortable shoe and these reebok 574s are going to be a perfect example of that you can pick it up for only 80 which is not a bad price at all again all these shoes are under 100 because in this channel i teach you that money does not equal style so if you haven’t subscribed already make sure to do that right now but again this shoe has a bunch of different colorways the most popular and my personal favorite one is going to be the gray one but they have white ones they have black ones it all depends on your personal preference and it all depends on which color you need the most definitely don’t make the same mistake that i make which is buying a bunch of white shoes because you definitely do need to switch up your colors when it comes to your shoes i understand that it can be tempting because the color white looks so nice on shoes and especially because you could wear it with literally everything just keep in mind there are a bunch of versatile colors out there like gray and black which are actually color way sold for the new balances so i highly advise that you pick them up the next one is going to be converse truck 70s now i think this is a huge staple in anyone’s wardrobe just because this is such a versatile shoe and it’s also a classic now the thing is most people have had the normal converse in the past but if you haven’t had the commerce truck 70s i highly advise that you pick it up now in my opinion they are a little bit more comfortable they’re not like you know as comfortable as running shoes but compared to the normal converse they are more comfortable so that’s a big plus as well and side by side comparison the truck 70s look a lot better in my opinion because it has more rubber on the shoe and more stitching it makes it a little bit nicer it makes it stand out a lot more compared to the normal converse that everybody else has so the truck 70s are definitely a good option now they also sell it in high top low top and they have a bunch of different color ways again my personal favorite is going to be a very versatile one so the color black is definitely my favorite but they also sell like this cream colorway that i absolutely love and in fact it’s probably gonna be one of my next pickups very very soon now when it comes to commerce i personally like the high top converse but they also sell some low top ones as well it is our preference so it’s entirely up to you on which one you want but me personally the next one that i’m gonna get is the high top version and more like this cream colorway the next one is going to be nike blazers now i know i probably shouldn’t have put it on the list just because everybody has either heard of them or has had a pair themselves but if you haven’t had a pair of nike blazers already i highly advise that you do just because they are so versatile in fact they’re one of my favorite shoes i have them in the white and green high-top version and let me tell you i wear these shoes with practically anything this is a very good 90 bucks to spend because these go with literally anything again they also have a bunch of different color ways but i have an obsession with white shoes but another thing that you could do with the nike blazers is experiment with a bunch of different colors because that’s what they sell instead of the actual color of the shoe being different they also sell the nike tick in a bunch of different color ways like in a pomegranate colorway which looks really good in my opinion they have like this light brown colorway that i really wanted but unfortunately they weren’t in my size at the time that i bought them but these green ones definitely do the trick and they’re personally one of my favorite shoes the only downside to the shoes is they are very difficult to put on so as long as you get past that part i promise you you’re going to love these shoes the next thing is going to be van’s old school now this is another classic shoe that pretty much as anybody has had at this point but on the off chance that you haven’t had the shoe i really recommend you pick it up they’re very versatile they’re very easy to style that’s why i really like this shoe now you can get it in the color black and white and have it match with literally anything in your wardrobe but the thing is it is really good to experiment and one thing that i really like about vans is they have a lot of unique color ways that i really recommend that you should try out literally most colors that pop into my head they have a colored version of it in the vans old school so you should definitely play around and see which one you like and also think of a new color that you want in a sneaker that you haven’t tried in the past before this is a perfect opportunity to try it out because it’s a very cheap shoe it’s only 65 dollars so where it comes to worst you wouldn’t wear it that much but at the end of the day really doesn’t matter because it’s only 65 so that way you wouldn’t be at a huge loss the next one is going to be reebok club c85 now this is definitely one of my favorite sneakers out of the entire list especially in like this vintage off-white colorway in fact i definitely need to go pick up some myself really really soon i actually think this will be the very next pickup for any of my shoes because this vintage colorway goes with literally everything they’re in the low top version so again it makes it very easy to style makes it very versatile and they only retail for 75 so they are a very versatile shoe and i highly advise they pick some up for yourself so that way you can know just how good of a shoe that they are the next one is going to be nike waffle ones now this one in my opinion is a very underrated shoe i feel like not a lot of people talk about this in fact they are pretty similar to the nike daybreaks but the nike waffle ones have like its own twist to it but that little subtle twist makes a huge difference in my opinion and it’s actually became one of my favorite shoes again it’s another shoe that goes perfect for like a day where you’re gonna be walking around a lot because they are very comfortable and that’s honestly made of one of my favorite shoes because it’s comfortable it’s versatile and it’s affordable these three things are definitely my favorite things to have when it comes to any type of shoe and the nike waffle ones have all of it so i highly advise you pick some up now the next one is gonna be the new balance 327 now this shoe has definitely grew on me because at first i looked at it and i didn’t like it at all but it definitely did grow on me i think it looks a lot better than the first time i saw it now the thing that made it grow on me the most is how comfortable the shoe is again new balances are really popular for being really comfortable so if you haven’t tried a pair of new balances you can get either the 574s or you can get something a bit different and get these because a lot more people are going to have the 574s opposed to this one when you have a pair of these you are going to stand out because not a lot of people have it again they have a bunch of different colorways my personal favorite it’s probably going to be the gray one i think it looks really good it’s really versatile and then for the price tag of only 100 bucks it’s not that bad at all so i did hope that this list helped you out especially now that we’re going into like the back to school season definitely do need a few pairs of shoes and as long as you pick up any of these shoes on the list i promise you you’re going to have some good footwear for this new upcoming season and like i mentioned earlier in this channel i simplify men’s fashion i teach you the money does not equal style so if you haven’t subscribed already and you like how that sounds make sure to subscribe i’ll leave a button for you to do that right here and if you want to see more videos right now here are a few that i think will really help you out other than that i hope you have a great rest of your day and i’ll see you in the next video [Music]