I Put Lebron James in Michael Jordan’s Shoes in NBA 2K23

welcome to putting lebron james and michael jordan’s shoes in nba2k23 subscribe to the channel if you’re new this is my first upload of 2k23 i’ve been playing around with the game for about an hour getting stuff together for this video because i kind of left you guys hanging on my last video not my last video but a few videos ago which was putting mj in lebron’s shoes now we’re doing the other way around and the reason why i waited so long is because of the new my nba era’s mode for 2k 23. so here we are in the 1984 85 season with 18 year old lebron james on the in 98 and 90 90. 84 85 chicago sorry this is all new to me i’m still getting this all together it’s a new game now for the my nba era’s mode they start you in the 1980 384 season so a year before mj got drafted so i had to simulate a season put all the draft picks in the right spot and then draft everyone in their right spots and then after i drafted everybody i would just go ahead and put it down so most of the players here are very similar as the team was in the 8485 season there may be a few spots here and there but for the most part it’s very accurate now as for the 84 draft there were two notable players they didn’t have in the draft class and that is sam bowie and charles barkley now for sam bowie i decided to not include him because uh he pretty much didn’t have much of a crew anyway like he was very injury prone and i didn’t want to have a situation where he would pop off and maybe you know take down lebron on a playoff series because we want to keep this as realistic as possible putting lebron in mj’s shoes as far as having the same career path and just seeing who does better so having someone in like sam bowie would kind of throw that off if like the portland trail players were to become a super team with sam bowie and then it’s like oh well mj never had to really deal with that he just had to deal with clyde drexler in 92. and then our other notable players charles brockley who is um i had to go ahead and make him don’t worry about the face i’m not good at doing all that so i just made a plain guy so we’re good there um you can actually make players negative years of age i think at one point i was able to get them to negative 2 000 years old i don’t know how that happened i think when you try to import a new player into a roster that’s on a current league like something gets messed up i’m not too sure but that’s kind of what happened and now if you look on the top left of your screen you’ll go ahead and see the jordan career arc if you’re not new you saw this in my lebron video or the mj lebron videos where we had every single season of lebron james career now we have every single season of mj’s career to compare what lebron does in the simulation and then in the top middle we have the scoreboard for every single season whoever does better either lebron and 2k or mj in real life i got a lot of comments on the last version of this saying that i was either a lebron fan or an mj fan the people thought i was biased towards both players when i was making the scoring again you guys can make your own scoring and decide for yourself who won i am here just to lay out the information and have you guys know who i think won and just one last thing i’m not gonna be showing off the 2k 23 like new my league mode like that like whatever we run into is whatever we run into you know we’ll see more stuff as we keep going and keep making videos throughout the year but i’m not going to do like one video just kind of breaking down everything that’s not really my job my hair is to just kind of make creative content and just use this mode the best of my abilities to make some creative stuff so that’s what we’re gonna do so without further ado let’s get into putting lebron james and michael jordan’s shoes i hope you guys enjoy and on this first season for amg i mean this is gonna be pretty tough to beat 28 points a game all nba second team his first season and made the playoffs um and they lost in four games two i believe the boston celtics so let’s go ahead and see what lebron is i guess one little thing about 2k 23 they finally put the record back in the bottom left they got profit for the team and then they got fan interest all right and magic johnson is your mvp dropping 21-7 and 13 rookie there lapo okay i did not think lebron was gonna drop 30 a game his rookie season this is 18 year old lebron this is rookie lebron james dropping 30 points a game his rookie year that is insane sixth man of the year ron mclemore defensive player of the year sydney moncrief most approved fat lever and coach of the year brad nelson for the lakers and lebron made first team all nba oh my god he actually might be out on mj this first season but here’s some of the other teams i mean larry birds here moses malone we got george girvin dominique cliff robinson and lebron made all defensive first team no this is nasty i’m gonna make the mj thing on the top left a little smaller just so you guys can actually see some of the stuff and then we’ll make a larger one with the look at it but the bulls are oh wait i don’t think they made the playoffs yeah it looks like the bulls did not make the plus but let’s see what their record was all right so the bulls finished 34 and 48 and mj’s rookie season went 38 and 44 which would that have been enough to make the plows yeah he would have been the um they would have been the six seed and i guess we’ll see the stats of the rest of the team i don’t know why when you first click on stats it shows total points i don’t know why it’s like that we have to click triangle once and then i’ll show you points per game all that kind of stuff but um yeah lebron just dominated and tried to carry this team to the playoffs and he just couldn’t do it he was just very shy of it i’m not gonna lie this one’s kind of a coin flip because lebron definitely had the better regular season because that man made all nba first team and off first team defense he only lost four last games but i guess if he won four more he would have had himself in the playoffs so this one you could really just kind of toss up to whoever you want we’re gonna get a little bit specific here so we had five rebounds a game or about six and 5.2 assists so that’s also pretty close with mj as well because mj averaged what six rebounds and six assists so pretty close stuff there lebron shot 58 from the field and 44 from three that is insane so again their stats are relatively the same it’s oh man i think i’m gonna give the slight edge to mj just because he made the playoffs i don’t really want to give it to mj here but i guess i’ll go ahead and do it just either player i picked i would have been comfortable with the pick but yeah it’s a coin flip and the lakers win the championship magic johnson finals mvp dropping 26 and 10. all right so every year we’re going to pay attention to the historical changes because they’re going gonna be updating the game in real life as it goes for the game so like if there’s rule changes or if there’s expansion teams being added into the game they’ll actually put them in so there’s a lot okay they put a lot of changes here the top seven picks are done via random way to draw remaining a lot of pictures determined by team record team odds will only be based on team record no standings rules for draft lottery change the floor of the los angeles lakers okay all right well here’s player progression lebron has now win 89 overall okay i don’t know who they drafted though it looks like they drafted wayman tisdale okay with the sixth pick all right well seize number two of putting lebron james and mj’s shoe so he’s gonna have to put up oh right mj got hurt this year so he only played 18 games he actually played in the playoffs though toward the end of the season and they lost into celtics that was i believe this is the year where larry bird called mj god i think that’s what this was uh he dropped like 60 points he averaged through 43 points a game of the playoffs so yeah this was the um the mj god year so as long as lebron just has a solid year here i guess he can overtake mj some of these it’s going to be kind of tough to grade some of these years because literally mj retires twice so um like lebron kind of just like gets auto wins for that so in your scoring system if you want to take out those points that’s fine too all right at magic johnson back to back mvp dropping 22 and 11 rookie of the year carmelo dropping 19 and 10 he got drafted to the knicks okay sixth man of the year byron scott defensive player here oh my god okay wow this is lebron is getting off to an amazing start you have his 26 six and five winning defensive player of the year and he made all nba first team and the bulls of the fifth seat okay so they’re in the playoffs that’s a good sign and i guess you see the stats for everyone else and filter by points per game reggie threw us put up 16 in the game tisdale put off 12 that solid okay so if we could just i guess win i mean i would even give it to lebron right now if they didn’t win a playoff game because mj didn’t win a playoff game but he went crazy dropping 43 a game so we’ll see what happens in this first round and here’s the nets they have buck williams daryl dawkins otis bird song albert king okay here we go game one let’s take game two nets take now it’s a five game series so i guess we’ll sim cast this is my first viewing of the new 2k 23 sim cass it’s literally the exact same i don’t know listen if it ain’t broke don’t fix it there’s nothing wrong with the sim cast i hope we get plenty of close game situations in this because i want to see how the court looks and all that kind of stuff and like the filter of like it being in the old era is like all that stuff so let’s see if lebron and the bulls can make it a potential five game series wow they’re actually gonna blow them out back-to-back games okay lebron had 31 6-6 reggie had 16 and 11. and somehow the bulls blow the nets out three straight games down 0-2 so um yeah lebron is getting past the first round against the nets and now they’re playing the bucks in the second round with cindy moncrieff marcus johnson bob lanier it’s a pretty good team let’s see how it goes game one milwaukee takes game two we take game three we take game four they take all right so we’re gonna probably have a sim cast here and this game was kind of close but the bulls in the last like three minutes just took off and just ended up winning the game lebron with 26 6 7 and five steals okay and i don’t know if you guys have noticed but because we’re playing in the 80s players are not really shooting three so like the my mba is like adjust to the right errors if you get what i’m saying so like lebron is shooting 85 from three in the playoffs but because he’s not really taking that many yeah look he’s six percent from three he’s only taken seven threes total in the playoffs and now we’re playing philly mo cheeks dr j charles barkley and moses malo we’re about to get our asses kicked i just simulated game one philly took it game two bulls take game three philly takes game four philly takes and i guess we’ll see if it gets to a game six and no it doesn’t so the bulls lose in the conference finals and we’ll go ahead and simulate the nba file see what happens in the lakers won the championship back-to-back championships right matches won last year so back-to-back championships for magic and that one’s a no-brainer obviously we’re gonna give that one to lebron i mean you could stack up however you want mj did get injured but even if mj didn’t get injured winning defensive player of the year and taking this bulls team to the conference finals is definitely very impressive so i yeah there’s no issues here let’s see if there’s any historical changes changing the uniforms for the bucks and changing the warriors uniforms okay all right well here’s player progression and lebron is in 94 overall now oh my god what’s this man’s three balls in 85 so i guess his three ball is still gonna progress and get better but like he’s just not gonna shoot them that often because of the error he’s currently playing it and lebron also has 51 badges total i don’t know a lot about the new badges that were added but i guess obviously as we keep making videos and keep doing sims and rebuilds all that kind of stuff we’ll learn about them season number three for lebron james and the bulls currently tide won the one and uh mj had a pretty good year here dropping 37 a game was the scoring leader made on nba first team did lose in the first round was only the ac but still these numbers are gonna be tough to beat in the regular season okay and lebron james is the mvp of the league terry porter rookie of the year dale ellis six minute of the year hakeem defensive player of the year eugene moncrief most improving jacob underwood coach of the year for the clippers obviously lebron making first team so he may not have the numbers mj had but the man did win mvp so that that that all within itself is impressive and the bulls are the third seed okay and they’ll play washington in the first round i guess we’ll look at the standings they won 54 games that is 14 more wins than mj had in the same season and i guess we’ll look at the stats here they have pretty much the same team i’m not sure what year was scotty draft at 87 or 88 i let me double check that okay so pippin was drafted in 87 but i guess in this sim he’s not going to end up going to the bulls or should i just automatically put him on the bulls to kind of you know give similar things it’s kind of a tough one to go around i’m not really sure what to do there all right well here’s the bullets they got larry nance and rick mahorn this team’s kind of ass let’s go to simulate game one bulls take game two bulls take game three okay while somehow washington got that game and now there we go we went ahead and one and four now we got the sixes again they still got buckley still got dr j on the team maurice cheeks moses malone still stacked here we go game one philly takes game two philly takes game three philly takes they’re gonna sweep us oh my god that’s nasty lebron went out pretty bad i mean he played really well dropping 43 7 and 7 there in that final game but they just couldn’t get past i mean mj didn’t get past the first round so we’re pretty much gonna probably give this to lebron and lebron played pretty good at the playoff shop in 32 a game it’s not i mean he had seven and seven as well so yeah i think i’m going to comfortably give that to lebron if you want to look at mj stats here again i still think lebron takes it getting around farther than mj winning more playoff games and um i mean just he obviously won mvp as well but i think if i guess as long as maybe magic johnson wasn’t on mj’s way in real life he could have won mvp there but we’re gonna go ahead and give that to lebron so the score now is two lebron with two and mj with one i’m going to see what the rest of the puffs the clippers win in the champion what what type of alternate universe is this where magic johnson took his talus to the clippers and is now an nba champion and look at that kareem retiring a few years early okay dr j retiring and i guess we’ll go ahead and do it because since scotty pippen was traded to the bulls like the sonic strapped to them and then they traded him to the bulls we’ll just do the same thing so whoever scottie gets strapped to do will trade him to the bulls all right so in real life scottie pippen was traded for oldham paulie knight straight up and that guy pretty much didn’t really do much in the name but he played for a long time but he was never really that much of a significant player so pretty much traded scotty i don’t want to say for almost nothing but that’s pretty much what it feels like for what the talent scottie pippi became so i’m just going to trade whoever jeff the scotty which was the pacers i’m going to trade him for winston garland who’s currently on our team and i mean i i this is the best way i can keep it realistic to where you know mj had scott in her life and now lebron is going to get scotty and also it’s really mj’s only significant teammate like like the one like obviously he’s had other good teammates dennis robin the list goes on but like this is the one teammate that i think he needs to have around him for this video for it to really feel accurate so whatever else happens with whatever signings or trades they make is just whatever happens but getting scotty feels pretty important i also made an adjustment i moved lebron to the four so that scotty would actually start because it makes no sense for scotty to come off the bench so now we got lebron and scotty it’s gonna be pretty cool and in mj’s fourth season he averaged 35 five and six won the mvp and defensive player of the year got to the second round i forget who they lost most likely it was the pistons i would assume it was the pistons and he dropped 36 a game of the pile so we’ll see if lebron can replicate or do better than that all right lebron james is your mvp not as polarizing stats as mj actually probably not even close but still i mean he won the mvp that’s a great start rookie here dave robinson for the sons sixth man of the year terry porter defensive part of the year akeem most improved jay humphries and coach dear alexander crystal and lebron obviously make a first team be after winning mvp but he didn’t win defensive player of the year which mj did win although he didn’t make first team all defense so that’s something and the bulls were the second seed they’ll have the bucks in the first round let’s see how scotty did his first year he averaged 10 points a game i guess that’s not bad but i mean you know he’ll get better as we go on so i’m definitely giving mj the nod so far because he just had way better stats also one defensive player of the year so lebron’s probably gonna have to have a deep conference finals run for me to convincingly have him over mj this year so let’s see what he does versus milwaukee and they got sidney moncrief marcus johnson mark eaton okay i really want to pop into one of these games like can one of these series be closed like is this really going to be a like bro like this is crazy now we have washington in the second round and they got larry and aaron’s ed kinley i definitely said that right at mark price i think we’ve been playing kind of ass teams in the first few years like i think we haven’t played the celtics or any other juggernaut teams like it just feels like we were just kind of landsliding and now we’re gonna go ahead and sweep the washington post this is crazy and now i think our third straight match up with the sixers because i mean listen they are stacked with barclay i’m alone that just be and and they have george garvin like this is crazy well here we go game one we take game two we take game three we take with scotty pippin what we needed for this team to go over the top oh my god and we have the rockets in the finals let’s see the rockets still have a keem they got ralph stanton and chris mullen oh my god and ron harper this is a good ass team a lot of people say mj what a 1 8 rings if you never retire well he never had to go up against the keem we’ll never know but i guess lebron’s case we’re gonna find out so here we go game one bulls take game two bulls take game three rockets take game four rockets take game five okay we at least get a sim cast here lebron was literally about to sweep the entire play off so that that would have been crazy seven point game with a minute 20 well this is lebron’s first championship so we’re hopping in oh my god bro this looks crazy i mean i literally can’t see what’s happening maybe i should take the filter hold on hold on hold on i guess we’ll leave the filter on for now and see how it plays out lebron with just an awful shot rebounded by akeem oh my god it’s like intentionally blurry like gee i like i’m really watching this like i’m in the 80s or something what the hell was that shot chris mall that’s off all right lebron bringing up the ball with a minute left in the game looking to secure his first nba championship hakeem trying to play high on him lebron pump faking is that scotty with the ball scotty’s got it scotty given it to davis with the midi and he got it oh my god chris mullen for three damn that would have been a tough shot there’s lebron with the ball see lebron make a move lebron driving floater got it okay let me know down in the comments what you guys think of this like does the filter look cool i’m gonna try both i’m gonna try without the filter and with the filter on we’ll see how both of them look or whichever one i prefer the keemtown the post pump bacon like crazy i’m gonna give it back to him still posting up doing dream shaking oh he smoked it and that’s it lebron james has won his first nba championship he is the 1988 nba champion first year he got scotty it was raps the same way people talk about mj once he got scotty it was over it was raps they started going crazy look at lebron james doing the exact same thing i wonder if the celebrations are any different if they’re just gonna be the exact same okay i guess we’ll see what am i looking at right now i just i’m looking at feet oh okay oh there’s david stern damn lebron let’s go lebron this is this is this looks fire bro i i cannot lie this looks awesome let’s check out the boss quarry keem head 32 and 13 in that game lebron had 28 11 and five to close out the finals and the bulls are your nba champions lebron james finals of vp all you have is 20 a game but he did what he had to do to get the job done and obviously since lebron won the championship we’re going to be giving him the nod there so now is three to one lebron there’s some more historical changes the miami heat has been added in as an expansion team the hornets have been added in now yeah so you don’t have to do any of that yourself 2k just does it for you i’m talking about this game like i’m sponsored bro like i’m just talking about like i’m just having a good time all right well here’s player progression lebron is a 97 scotty is an 85 wayman 2084 that’s still got regular teammates in 83 overall man this is this is looking like another championship squad all right well here’s season number five for putting lebron and mj sue’s mj average 32 a game here got to the conference finals i believe also lost to the pistons again so um yeah pretty great year from nj we’ll see if lebron can i guess he’ll probably have to i guess just win the championship again to overtake him or at least get to have a deep finals run and have great stats in the regular season we’ll see what happens all right lebron james is your mvp dropping 27 seven and seven rookie there al drew six minute dear lauren sanders defensive player lebron james okay lebron is making a good case for himself for the regular season win and obviously make a first team on nba we get all that and the bulls were the first see what they see how many games they won the bulls won 66 games oh my god okay well yeah i think i definitely have to give lebron the end so far because he won mvp and defensive player of the year and won almost 20 more games than mj did in the regular season that’s going to see the stats what did it scotty hours you have 12 five and four okay he’s getting better every year no problems here bro we have played the bullets in every single like playoff play like series that we’ve done bro larry and they got larry nance mark price they’re a solid team brothers not better than us well here we go game one we take game two we take game three there we go finally a new team to play we got the cavs and their team is not good at all this is a pretty bad deal here we go game one we take game two we take game three we take and game four oh my god we’re gonna sweep the playoffs again or nearly sweep the playoffs we’re playing philly again okay so no more charles barkley now it’s just most of malone or george gervin so this team is definitely not as good as it used to be so i don’t know how they just keep winning again i’m surprised that we haven’t seen detroit or boston in the 80s like that is insane i think we have maybe have one playoff series versus detroit or boston but like we haven’t seen them close to at all well here we go game one we take game two we take game three we take game four we have swept the playoffs so far and now we have the mavericks in the final who’s on the mountain they have mark mcguire charles oakley rolando blackman and derek harper a really good team i don’t know if they should be in the finals though but hey that’s just that’s just me bro i don’t know i’m just calling it how i see it here we go game one bulls take game two mavericks take game three mavericks take game four bulls take okay game five we take so even if lebron doesn’t win the finals i probably still give him the nod here because he got to the finals there that’s just anyone mvp and defensive player of the year so you gotta give them that but uh looks like we’re gonna blow them out here in game six so that’s back-to-back nba champion which is from the broad lebron shot 43 nine and nine and look still i know i keep talking about it it’s just pretty cool how like they don’t really shoot that many threes because we’re playing in the 80s so yeah it’s pretty cool and the bulls have won the championship lebron james finals mvp and yeah so that’s another point for the plot for sure so that’s going to go ahead and make it i believe four to one lebron lebron is smoking mj right now it’s getting bad here’s some more changes they added the magic as a team they added the timberwolves as a team and they changed some of the floors and branding to the other teams well here’s player progression lebron is a 98 overall now scotty is in 89 that seems to be all they really need to win a championship lebron and scotty just has this they have it on wraps all right well here’s season number six for lebron and mj shoes now in this year they got to the third round conversations won 55 games with a 13. mj had a great year made all nba first team all defensive first team played great in the playoffs so i mean if lebron just wants to go ahead and three-peat in the 80s then go right ahead man okay and lebron has just been absolutely dominating the 80s winning mvp here let’s see if you want defensive player of the year yeah he won both of them so yeah he just keeps stacking those up i can’t believe magic is still on the clippers dude that is disgusting and the bulls were the first seed yet again let’s see if he won more games than mj the bulls won 58 games so only three more games in mj not that far off but still he won mvp and defensive player of the year so yeah it’s gonna be pretty tough to argue with let’s see how scott bro scotty is getting so much better now he’s averaging 18 a game like he’s really lebron’s right hand man right now like he’s going crazy and now we have the magic in the first round we’re not at the point of drafting shaq yet so this team’s uh it’s pretty ass not like they would even get shaq because at this point it’s all random to ever get two so yeah let’s go to simulate game one bulls take game two bulls take game three bills take okay well it’s a little late to be playing this team we should have played this team like two three years ago but i mean it’s still gotta say thomas at a 96 still got bill lambrer but i mean the team’s just not as good as it was probably when they were in their prime but let’s see how it goes game one bulls take game two bulls take game three bulls day game four bulls take bro lebron is snapping in the 80s in the night like he’s about to get into the 90s and probably start going crazy too and now we have the knicks and the conference followers jim paxton carl malone old and pulley oh oh the bullet that was the guy who got traded for scotty fitbit oh yes a nice little i don’t know if this is a revenge series i don’t really know what the revenge would really be but yeah that’s pretty funny well here we go game one knicks take game two bulls take game three nick’s take game four [ __ ] we’re gonna get a sim cast here and it’s a five point game with 20 seconds unless the next score again i’m not hopping in yet okay it’s wraps lebron with 36 six and seven scotty pippin with 17. i can’t believe they’re going back to the finals and they’re gonna be playing the rockets and the finals got a little rematch going they obviously still have a keemstar browser still have chris ball rod harper’s an 89 overall now yeah this is a pretty stacked team man let’s do it game one rockets take game two bulls take game three bulls take game four rockets take game five rockets take okay lebron you gotta come back now again i think even if lebron loses this i still probably give the nod to him because he got to the finals one mvp and defensive player of the year it’d be hard to not give it to him but they are up 11 with two minutes left and yeah this is wraps okay we’re going through a game seven look at reggie threw us putting up 29 and 10 in game six he stepped up big i think this is coming down to the wire here six point nine point game with two minutes i’m not going to entertain it is game seven though i guess anything could happen will happen and it looks like mario ellie’s on the free dilemma now i’m trying to see if there’s a way to take off the effects but i’m not sure if if i can but i guess we’ll just watch it like this so i mean they’re only down eight with a minute four they can make something happen if i were the bulls i’d probably give it to lebron in the post or give it to scotty put them to make something happen is that hammond’s trying to do a little step back action i don’t know what’s going on here lebron in the post now with the hook he smoked it ron harper with the ball trying to drive down cross over oh they made some nice moves there oh that’s a bad shot that’s a really bad shot gotta give the ball to lebron here lebron’s gonna make a move oh oh you you literally had him on the drive why would you not just keep driving they’re gonna put the ball in scotty’s hands now gotta pull up midi missed it i just noticed that i can’t see the shot clock on the bottom right like i got to look up at the actual thing on the top middle which some of you can’t see because the lebron mj thing’s kind of hiding it so just for funsies i’ll move it over just so you guys can actually see that and uh wow that’s a really bad shot oh nice rebound though ralph oh he he hit the bottom of the backboard that’s really bad well there’s only 30 seconds left so uh this is uh this is pretty much wraps and lebron is gonna go ahead and three-peat in the 80s so um yeah lebron is absolutely dominating mj right now it is looking ugly let’s check out the stats lebron with a triple double in game seven of the finals bro you literally can’t write it any better than this so we’re gonna go ahead and give lebron that point so now it is five to one lebron james mj i mean obviously we’re getting into the 90s which you know was mj’s heyday so he’s got to really step it up though let’s check out some of the changes okay the sixers got a little bit of a rebrand the king’s got a rebound okay a lot of rebranding for a lot of teams all right let’s check out player progression i think lebron’s done at this point getting good at basketball i think 98 overall it’s pity pretty fitting with 58 badges yeah he’s looking pretty good and scotty now is a 93 bro like this is actually insane all right well here is year seven of mj’s career putting lebron james and mj shoes he was the mvp won the championship over the lakers the way i’m not showing it it’s a little small right now i guess i’ll go ahead and make it bigger there but yeah he was the mvp won the championship 161 games so this is gonna be tough on the beat you probably would have to just severely outplay him in the regular season like the defensive player of the year would probably help lebron and then you’d have to convince convincingly win the championship because this is a pretty good resume right here okay lebron james won the mvp does not have better numbers than him i mean he has two more assists than mj has one more rebound than mj but i mean he shot better from the field too so i mean it’s all flip-flop stuff but he won the mvp rookie of the year gary payton six millionaire dallas defensive player lebron that’s gonna help him out a lot and most improved randy wide and coach dear charles keith and the bulls were the first seed they won a lot of games i’m gonna show you the bulls won 64 games so we actually out beat mj in the regular season if you want to toss and turn the stats that’s fine they’re all relatively close but uh he won defensive player of the year and won more regular season games and again scottie pippen just getting better and better again i don’t really think it matters who we have around us like as long as we have lebron and pippen i think we’re gonna be just fine and they got the bucks in the first round they’re still they got sean kemp on the team cynthia moncrief okay pretty good here we go game one bulls take game two bulls take game three i’m waiting to see lebron just like shut up sweep and just like an entire playoffs like in winning every single game now we got a newcomer team we got the miami heat they got bernard king herb williams dell irving winston oh i wonder if they did like an expansion draft i didn’t even notice they would have done that but yeah i’d assume they did here we go game one bulls take game two bulls take game three miami takes game four bulls taking game five yeah we’re going to win in five there listen i’m a big miami heat fan but hey listen we’re just we’re not there yet it’s fine we’ll take our time and now we have the knicks in the comments follows pulley nice wants more smoke with scotty bro they got a long time beef that’s what’s going on here carl malone isn’t really panning out like that like he should be getting up to like a 96 97 at this point he’s not becoming that guy i guess game one nick’s take game two nick’s take game three whoa whoa oh okay you’re gonna have to if they win this game i will do a sim cast okay i will now if lebron can make the comeback here get himself to the finals and win comfortably i probably give him the edge but if he loses here in the comments finals i’m giving it to mj there’s no doubt coming up toward the end here and yeah they’re down too much it’s over yeah lebron with 24 8 and two kind of under wow he shot four threes in this game that’s kind of crazy coming out of my mouth because like that’s like a normal amount in today’s game actually probably not even that much compared to today’s game but yeah he shot four threes in this game that’s a lot for the i guess right at the start of the 90s and we’re going to simulate the playoffs we’ll see you won it the rockets won the championship akeem finals mvp and we’ll go ahead obviously and give mj that point because even though he didn’t win defensive player of the year you could argue the flip-flop with the stats only lost like three less regular season games but actually won the championship so you gotta give it to him and here’s player progression i’m probably gonna stop checking player progression at this point brah’s not gonna get gonna get any better scotty’s probably not gonna get any better so um yeah we’re pretty good what the hell uh i don’t know oh oh are we transitioning to the 90s zero that’s okay oh that’s pretty okay just a little graphic showing that off i don’t know that was so confused what was going on okay so yeah here we go there’s some major changes happening in the nba g league 2001 rapids and grizzlies joining in 95 back to basket illegal so yeah they just kind of showed off when once you get into the new era i guess okay oh yeah look now the backgrounds change all that kind of stuff okay this is this is cool man and in this season obviously mj won the championship one mvp they won 67 gamers i guess mj i don’t want to say he has like a free six points if lebron doesn’t win the championship but it’s almost like that it really is so yeah mj has some points set up for himself he can easily come back in this video all right and magic johnson winning mvp in 1992 was this the last year he played or was the year before last year played i think maybe this was the last it’s one of the other it doesn’t really matter but he won mvp dropping 30 a game this is crazy and wow lebron didn’t win defensive player either i think magic and dave robinson just helped out mj a ton right here lebron still made all nba first team but that that’s gonna help out mj a lot and he made all defensive first team and the bulls were the first you’ll see how many games they won the bulls won 68 games so lebron only won one more game than mj that’s that’s not much of a difference at all that’s a wash unless it somehow comes down to that but it probably will still lebron hours he averaged 29 i guess we’ll call it six and seven so i mean you know the stats are pretty similar yeah even rebounds her sister very similar so yeah they’re pretty all-around stuff he shot way better for the field though he shot 58 from the field so you gotta give him that but i mean not too much different and we got the celtics in the first one i don’t know where larry bird is at this point i don’t know if he retired but uh they got kevin mchale terry cummings uh roger pretty good team and dino roger he was good at my team for some years i think he had some good my team cards here we go game one bulls take game two bulls take game three bulls take okay now we got a new team the hornets kenny smith hershey hawkins dale ellis his team is ass here we go bulls take okay bulls take this is just gonna be this is this is nasty the team i’m not gonna lie this is film like some like you know like you know how like lebron had the weak east like this is how this feels it feels like the first and second rounds that lebron’s played for the past like five six years have all been super garbage teams like it’s so weird and they have the cavs in the conversation oh matt okay okay magic versus lebron it’s gonna be a tough one but here we go game one cavs take game two bulls take game three bulls take game four cash stay we’re gonna get a sim cast and they’re down three two mj right now is licking his lips hoping that lebron chokes this game six so that he can get himself another free point because i would pretty much give it to him and we’re coming down to the last few minutes and this is over yeah mj just got himself two points right there that’s huge wow what did lebron do in this game oh no no lebron just had his 2011. lebron just had his 2011. oh my god that’s so bad eight points five rebounds four turnovers he took eight shots the whole game and he for some reason only played 19. oh he fouled out oh my god i don’t know if my face came was covering it but on the right side he found out of the game in 19 minutes that is a choke man that’s bad and we’ll go ahead and simulate the playoffs i guess in the rockets when the ship did they went back to back chris mullen finals mvp so yeah we’re going to go ahead and give em to that point don’t even look at the stats anything like that i mean he won the championship and one mvp lebron did neither of those things so yeah mj is coming right back into this race here’s some more changes shot clock only resets when ball hits rim wait shot clock only resets when ball hits for him okay i don’t know i had to read that twice oh my god lebron left the balls okay your uh your career arc is taking quite the turn here okay i wanted him to stay here and stay chilling with pippin but i guess lebron had other plans i don’t know if i should bring him back to the bulls just to make the video realistic here or do i just kind of i don’t know how to play this out it looks like the king signed lebron to a four year 17 million dollar deal i think i should trade him back to the bulls and leave him there i feel like that makes the most sense you guys can let me know down in the comments is this the right move or am i just being stupid but again i’m trying to put lebron in mj shoes i think in my mj lebron video i didn’t do this that doesn’t mean that i can’t do it in this video and you know make up for my mistakes so if you think i’m making the right decision here let me know if not call me dumbass do whatever you want but i’ma go ahead and leave him on the bulls i think that makes the most sense so now let’s move on here so this is the 9293 season mj obviously winning the championship three-peat and they took down the sun tier in six games they were the second team winning 57 games you have 32 points per game in the back of the season average 35 in the playoffs did not win mvp one with the charles barkley i’m pretty sure but made first team all nba and first team all defense so we’ll see if lebron can replicate that or do better and somehow magic johnson is just dominating the league right now when he wasn’t even in it so magic winning mvp dropping 29 6 and 10 going crazy rookie of the year shaq on the pacers dropping 20 a game six man of the year mark price defensive player akeem so again lebron just getting just done out by other players here but he’s still making first team so he’s playing really well he’s just not able to get any of these awards and the bulls were the first seed yet again the bulls won 64 games that is seven more wins than mj had in her life so pretty good lebron had 27 seven and seven mj had a little i guess a little better of a season he averaged like four more points but lebron had more rebounds and assists so call what you want he shot way better from the field though that is one thing lebron’s been doing he’s been going crazy from the field and shooting only although he’s only shooting through the game which is a lot i guess for the 90s he’s shooting 45 from three and scotty’s just being scotty and then playing solid basketball and we got the wizards sorry not the wizards the bullets in the first round of but yeah they’re pretty ass game one we take game two we take i don’t think we’ve lost okay right when i i don’t know why i say [ __ ] but i i was gonna say i don’t think we’ve lost a first round game in like five years like it’s been a while we got phil in the second round they still got moses malone who at this point is very old and getting bad at basketball they got kevin willis then is scott dan marshally i think they say marjorie marshally marshall and nate mcmillan game one we take game two we take game three we take game four okay we swept them and now we have magic jonathan he just keeps getting in our way man if you want to steal a point from mj here i don’t even know if you would steal it i mean it would i’d have to really think about it but uh yeah if you want to potentially steal a point you’re gonna have to beat magic bro game one bulls take game two bulls take game three okay cash take game four bulls taking game five okay we got a sim cast and we are definitely gonna have a game seven here the cavs smoked the bulls in pretty much every quarter and uh yeah they got it done except the fourth obviously they made a little bit of a comeback but lebron played okay but you got to come up here you can’t pull your lebron 2011 action this year you can’t do that all right we got a three-point game fourth quarter minute 55 left let’s see what happens game seven and oh my god okay the 90s camera is a lot better it just the quality is a little better here magic in the post oh my god okay good double team there that’s a really good double team scotty garden tisdale we just got to get a stop here and then we gotta and then just get the bottle lebron and get out of the way rob is the posting up post fade from the left elbow oh my god that was nasty all right lebron come on man this is your moment to shine lebron shot a giant oh oh my oh my god that was kind of dick riding because magic’s in the game but he did the magic pass that was kind of it was kind of dick ride but it’s cool he’s like trying to show up mj like that’s some cocky [ __ ] right there to be you know in the conference finals here i don’t know about that magic posting up good double team oh kind of bad double team lebron who is not set there lebron trying to drive he’s really trying to just big body there got it out the whaley and wesley with the ball now gotta post up lebron here you would imagine right okay gonna set a screen for him oh you smoked it how do you smoke that shot they’re gonna post up matt they are spamming the magic johnston post-ops and he is taking lebron and the bulls to school right now he is cooking him lebron gonna post up with the hook i do like how it is like cater to the errors like you know obviously today we’d be spamming a lot of threes i haven’t seen one three shot this entire time of any sim cast game except for that chris mullen like three at the end of the game like that’s it like they’re taking all inside shots they’re not settling for any threes magic oh my god what a diamond the corner three okay that was the second there i’ve ever seen and you’ve got to get that rebound but it didn’t matter this game was already over well here’s the boss score lebron had a solid game but i mean you were right there game seven against magic johnson you just couldn’t get it done vladi had a triple double we’ll go ahead and see him at the playoffs cavs win the championship magic finals mvp and of course we’re gonna be giving mj that point so now mj has crawled all the way back from down five to one and is now five four all right so a lot of you are probably wondering what we’re going to do here because obviously mj retired twice and this is one of those times he retired now this year and then next year he doesn’t come back until later on in the year where he wore number 45 i believe is what he wore but um yeah so pretty much i am not going to give lebron points for this year like those will pretty much be pity points but we are going to see what happens this is pretty much like a lebron career sim if he was in the on the bulls as well so we’re just going to see what happens but there will not be any points awarded because if you want to be that guy and give lebron points for mj lily being retired from the league then go ahead be like oh well you know lebron wouldn’t retire you know do whatever you want do whatever agenda you want to set but for my video i’m not going to give lebron points just because uh mj decided to retire i’m not going to do that lebron is your mvp dropping 29 7 and 70 defensive play here as well no mckee’s been pretty much locking that up and he’s on a supersonics now let’s see the stats of the whole team lebron obviously dropping 29 pippa dropping 19 a game we haven’t really had another like real running mate on the team we’ve had some guys come in and be solid like here we got franklin starts playing good we got some other guys here and there but we haven’t had like a real third running mate which i guess is fine i think lebron pippen is enough but we’re not gonna entertain this year i’m just gonna simulate the entire plus because we’re here to see lebron and mj’s shoes and this isn’t really part of it and the sun won the championship so that’s fine isaiah thomas still just popping off in a league in 1994 he is going crazy all right now mj was retired this season but he did come back to play so this season it’s in play so lebron can win this year now if lebron were to get into the playoffs and lose in the first shot i’d probably give the mj because mj got to the second round i’ll go ahead and show you guys the stats right here so yeah he averaged 27 a game he only played 17 games got to the second round they lost to the magic and six so we’ll see what lebron does but this is in play because he did play this year i i have to be fair oh my god lebron is actually going kind of crazy this might be his best year 35 8 and 8 this is nuts rookie of the year jason kidd six man to your mark price defensive player of the year lebron oh my god yeah okay i i i think i’m convincingly giving lebron this even if he loses in the first round but these numbers are crazy and the bulls are the first seed they won 65 games yeah this is pretty good we got doug chrissy on the team now okay i guess that’s not bad but yeah it really is just the lebron and pippin show well let’s see how they do we got orlando in the first round they don’t have shaq but i’m not gonna look at the magic right now we’re gonna go ahead and say jesse matthews tony cam this team sucks lebron should easily smoke this team and and pretty much get it i don’t want to say a free point because he he did deserve this point he popped off in the regular season he’s now in the conference finals and they got the pacers who have shaq okay so pretty relative mj lost the shack in this year and now he’s gonna have to play shaq this year so you know kind of same thing but not really obviously that magic team is probably better than this team well no he’s got gary payton and uh the magic had pennies so you know you can do whatever you want with that here we go game one bulls take game two pacers take game three bulls take game four bulls take game five okay there you go i think i think lebron convincingly gets this point and now we have the spurs in the finals they just have a pretty so they have patrick doing who just i guess hasn’t really panned out like that he should be like a 95 96 at this point but i guess he’s not but um yeah pretty solid team here we go game one spurs take game two bulls take game three spurs take game four bulls take game five bulls take coming down to the fourth quarter it’s not that close but it’s like kind of close and yeah we gotta give to the spurs so now we gotta go ahead and simulate a game seven of the finals bro how many games have been in the finals lebron has been three he’s been in three of them or two of them i i think two of them and then one was the conference finals that he lost against magic and it’s looking like he’s gonna lose this unless he makes a late-game comeback but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen i mean he’s down 11 with a minute 40. i’ll give him a chance like i i guess i don’t what do i got to lose there’s wesley with the ball going to give to lebron lebron posting up with a slow ass fade what the hell was that i’m not gonna lie lebron has been pretty bad in the in the sim cast hop in games he’s been pretty rough i don’t know if he’s just not used to playing in a different era but okay that was a nice layup i mean this isn’t over yet if they could hit a quick three or something scotty trying to drive and that was a weird lamp attempt they got the rebound back okay seven point game they got to get a steal or something they’re not gonna just you know they’re gonna hold the clock out patrick goobing in the post babying oh okay he’s not gonna that was a night that was that was a nice move and that’s pretty much gonna do it i’m not gonna watch the end we’re we’re done here did i just read that that [ __ ] dropped 62. okay yeah all right yeah yeah no okay yeah yeah yeah no 62. yeah okay that’s great that man hit nine threes yeah yeah no this is great he took 41 shots that’s a lot of shots that is a lot of shots but 62 in a game seven and losing it and the finals is insane i can’t even blame lebron how do i blame lebron for this there’s some historical changes the raptors getting added the grizzlies getting at it okay all right well it’s gonna be pretty difficult for lebron to go ahead and beat this year uh yeah so mj went 72-10 he won the nba championship one mvp this is gonna be pretty rough we’ll see what lebron can do all right and lebron james winning mvp and uh mj averaged 36 and four so i mean he did average more rebounds than assists but i mean it’s all flip flop you could do everyone they did average four more assists that is a lot kg rookie of the year for the charlotte hornet six man of the year jim jackson defensive player david robinson that’s good for uh mj for lebron not stealing that lebron did make first team all defense just like mj did and the bulls were the first team they didn’t win 72 games but you know they were okay they won 62 games so just 10 last games but you know they’re okay let’s see the stats here this might be pippin special or scoring wise i think he averaged 20 point yeah that’s the most he’s ever had for a season and the most assist he’s ever had this is his best year so far and lebron has the hawks in the first round and they have brad dog tree tony cuco’s vin baker that’s actually a pretty solid 8c team here we go game one hawks take game two bulls take game three bulls take okay gay okay there we go i am very tired of seeing the watch the bullets i literally feel like we’ve played them every single year and the team is like never good like if they’re just never good and somehow they just keep running into us game one we take game two we take game three we take it and it’s like every single time we just sweep them like they’re just like a filler around like i’m watching like an anime just filler and now we got the pacer in the car files they got gary payton and shaq man we beat them in what five last time i believe so well yeah this should be a pretty good series as long as shaq and peyton i guess play better i guess we did kind of smoke them i guess here we go game one we take game two we take game three they take game four they take game five oh my god lebron kind of choking this years i don’t think i could ever associate lebron with choking ever again after dropping 62 in game seven of the finals i don’t know like i i just don’t understand how that can be topped i mean he did lose but and they will force a game seven okay lebron had 26 and 11 pivot with 27 and 12 and five blocks oh my god and it looks like the ball oh wait whoa hold on the pacers are trying to make a comeback okay no okay they fall back and then okay the bulls are gonna win in seven games lebron is going crazy in elimination games 43 and 13. oh my god four steals and five blocks this is an insane performation on the run and the bulls are playing the vancouver grizzlies in the finals were they not just added to the nba this year or am i like on crack like what’s happening here how did an expansion team first season just make the finals wasn’t it like a hockey team that was an expansion team that literally won the whole thing the first year they were added like that’s what’s going on here and that doesn’t happen that cannot happen in the indian that would never happen but uh yeah this is kind of the mick i i don’t really say that too often but this does feel like a very limited finals but uh here we go game one balls take game two post take a big bulls take game four yeah that was bad that was that was really bad dude that was that was rough and lebron won 500 vp dropping 34-6 and i mean it was against the vancouver grizzlies so we’re gonna have to analyze both seasons of mj lebron i’m probably gonna get the mj but let’s see if there’s anything else outside of it all right so what are the broad average in the plus you have 31 7 8 mj averaged 31 4 and 5. okay so lebron had a little bit of a playoff year he shot 56 in the field at 46 percent from three so lebron had better playoff stats jordan had a historical regular season record he won mvp lebron didn’t win mvp oh wait am i dumb he wanted me pete i’m dumb okay wait no lebron did win mvp i don’t know why i just said that this one’s a coin flip for me but i’m gonna go ahead and give it to oh god this is i think i’m gonna give it to mj just because the historical 72 and 10. uh and also the finals for lebron was very limit playing an expansion team first year out although obviously you know a team in the west coast should have beat them but i mean it just it feels very very just kind of blessed it’s very close it is a coin flip but i am going to give it to mj just for historical purposes so this is the 96 97 year mj obviously won the championship uh but he did not win mvp he lost out the car malone so if lebron could snag mvp and i guess win the championship pretty comfortably he could probably take this we have a very close matchup right now it’s six to five so this is really anyone’s game all right well lebron james giving himself an edge winning mvp dropping 37 and they definitely had a better regular season statistically there rookie of the year allen iverson for the kings drop at 28 as rookier oh my god six minutes of hot rod williams defensive player of the year keem most approved jason kidd and coach dear ian aldridge for the bulls okay i guess the one part is we don’t have what the hell is the coaches oh my god what what the hell is who’s the famous coach phil jackson oh my god i don’t know why that just got out of my head but uh it’s all good and the bulls are the first i wonder how many games they won though oh my god they won 70 games okay yeah lebron definitely had the better regular season so if he just wins the championship he won more games than emergency won 69 games lebron won 70. so yeah if he just wins the championship yeah i probably give it to him over mj and pippin just for some reason keeps getting better oh this guy look at barry harrison dropping 18 a game but pippin having his best year yet again and we got the piss in the first round and uh this team is pretty ass game one we take game two we take game three of course we got the hawks now we’ve got brad daughtry pretty solid they never really got any better from when i said they were like kind of a sneaky eight seed but uh yeah they’re okay game one they take okay game two we take game three okay game what the hell okay if lebron blows it here in the second round this is an easy point to mj it’s not even a debate well they’re going to go ahead and yeah i should have hopped in a little early i’m gonna hop into this though and the bulls have the ball so they’re probably just gonna foul and then if they do all that then i’m gonna get out of here anyway so i i mean i really wish i hopped in at the right time man as long as lebron just doesn’t choke yeah there we go we’re getting out of here and while the bulls got off to a really hot start there in the first quarter of game seven coming down to the end and it’s a blowout okay yeah it’s over and now we got the knicks again we’re beefing up with pulley nice again here we go game one we take game two we take game three we take and we’re gonna sweep our way to the finals we’re gonna be playing the suns who is on the suns david robinson and isaiah thomas much older isaiah thomas but still and james worthy good team well here we go game one bulls take game two bulls take game three bull state we gotta sweep here and yeah that’s going to go ahead of bc lebron finals mvp dropping 34 5 and 8. i think i could pretty comfortably give lebron this edge although they had kind of a similar stature lebron also won mvp and he just swept there in the final so yeah i think i think i’m gonna go ahead and give him the nod we can compare playoff stats but i mean mj average let’s see what mj averaged 31 8 and 5 lebron averaged 31 seven and eight like it’s all pretty interchangeable stuff so uh yeah i think i’m just gonna slightly give it to lebron all right well here we have the 97 98 season mj statistically wasn’t that crazy compared to the other championships he’s had but he won mvp still won the championship 162 games so i mean again lebron just pretty much has to win the championship to overtake him if he wants to but um i gotta say i’ve been pretty impressed with lebron are you somehow still winning after this just crazy embargo of mj winning a million championships so um lebron’s been doing his thing all right well lebron james mvp dropping 27 8 and 8 mj averaged 28 5 and three so i guess you give lebron there the nod there rookie of the year tim duncan on the raptors six man of the year dino raja on the celtics still lebron that’s big him winning defensive player of the year this year that’s huge for him and most improved joe smith the bulls were the first seed but i think i think he won the same amount of games as mj i’m pretty sure never mind he won 69 games and mj won 62 so lebron definitely gets the edge here in the regular season and we got the hawks in the first round here we go game one bulls take game two bulls take game three bull’s got it we got the pacers we i don’t think we’ve lost to this team yet right yeah we’ve beaten shaq and gary paint every single time game one we take game two we take game three okay pacers got game four pacers got game five okay we’re up three two the one thing about this video so far so i wish we had more close game moments or just like close game moments that actually resulted in like a clutch shot or something like that we just haven’t really had enough of that which kind of sucks but there’s not really much i can do about that we’re gonna hop in this game though for sure one minute or minute left we’re up four okay indiana can still win this game and they have the ball i want to see shaq down in the paint just dominate you just get an easy bucket shaq post it up spit okay well that you learn something new every day and there’s lebron giving it to jackson is that mark jackson we have mark jackson bear oh is that is that brent barry barry for three that was a nice shot well that’s pretty much gonna do it we’ll go ahead and get out of here and lebron only had 16 points but i guess it’s all he needed though pippin had a triple double brent barry had 20. and that was that mark jackson that was mark jackson okay and we got the knicks in the car’s finals i don’t think we’ve yet to play the celtics in the playoffs which is so crazy because of how dominant they were in the 80s i don’t think we match up against them one time like i don’t think we ever saw larry brown i think we did one time but it was after larry bird left i believe holy nice keeps trying to get revenge here and i don’t think it’s gonna happen man okay they got a game there okay we got game three we got game four and we’re going to the finals against the mavericks and the mavs hat like what is this team how is this team in the nba finals douglas king charles oakley dennis scott like if charles oakley is just going to i mean i don’t even know how to word this question but he’s the same guy who said that josh would be a role player and a bench bomb so i guess if he just plays better than giannis he can potentially win this but i don’t know well here we go game one bulls take game two but like i just understand how teams are losing to the mavericks like how our team oh wow scotty pippin actually won finals mvp over lebron i’m not gonna lie i think that scotty pip and finals mvp might have just bailed out mj here i think i actually have to give mj the point because i don’t think i can that’s not yeah like and also the team he played against just sucked too like he just sucked but lebron did also win defensive play of the year he won seven more games his regular season stats are better more efficient it’s man it’s a tough one it’s a real it’s a real toss-up but i’m gonna give it to mj lebron not winning finals mvp is kind of crazy so yeah i’m gonna give it to mj alright so as we all know these years are not going to count because mj retired for three seasons so we’re not gonna count this we’re gonna see what lebron does and that’s gonna be cool but um yeah these these are not gonna count all right well here we go lebron mvp did he win the penta play of the year as well yeah he did bro lebron is gonna probably end up having the better overall career than mj here and we’re not gonna look into all this again we’re here for putting lebron mj shoes i’m not gonna sit here and just allocate for these years and the jazz with the championship austin crochet batman is at 73 overall i don’t okay okay all right yeah i don’t know i don’t know what’s going on i’m not gonna lie i don’t know what’s going on i have no idea if the errors are broken because i don’t think 73 overall should be winning championships that’s my opinion i don’t even bother showing you guys the start of the season or anything like that but lebron this is the second year mj being retired he won the mvp yet again and if it’s a player of the year this is nuts and once again we’re just going to go into some of the policy when’s the championship and it’s going to be the oh okay lebron actually won the championship each averaged 40 13 and seven in the finals okay and he took down the kings of the kings actually good team this man dropped 53 10 and seven and in a close-out game in the finals so they oh they ai all right so lebron just left the bulls but i guess it doesn’t really matter because i’m going to be moving him to the wizards anyway next season so the broncos do whatever he wants this year but next year i’m going to move him to the wizards where lebron up going anyway what team is he actually on he is on the magic with penny hardware that’s pretty cool all right lebron’s what an mvp he’s on the magic he’s just doing everything and defensive player of the year is yet lebron lebron’s got so many accolades this is insane and once again we’re going to simply plus they were the seventh seed and they lost in the first round the hawks won the championship charles barkley is still just going crazy in the league at age 38 oh my god and john stockton retired from the bulls ain’t carmelo retired okay here’s some more changes the nba created the g league uh we got the three in the key violation change of time the offense is given to advance the ball front court eight seconds and then some floor changes and team adjustments all right so i’ve traded lebron to the wizards and he’s got jalen rose and vince carter on the team he’s got a pretty damn good team with him and now for the people who want to act like this isn’t part of mj’s career that’s fine do what you want final score seven to six do whatever you want but we’re gonna keep going because mj actually did play two more using the nba and it just happened to be on the wizards where he didn’t make the pillows both here so you know this is kind of just icing on the cake for lebron kind of two free points so if you want to just end it off here do whatever you want but um we’re gonna look over lebron’s entire career at the end of the video and do all that kind of stuff so let’s see what lebron does with the wizards on these two years all right and shaq is your mvp of which i guess is right around time around this early 2000 area where he was going crazy so 32 15 and three gilbert arenas rookie of the year for the box six man of the year good arenas defensive player lebron averaging 29 10 and eight yeah i think he played better than mj this year so uh that’s tough and the wizards were what are they the 50 so not too impressive but i mean they were still you know well in the playoffs this is just one of the things about lebron man he’s got that longevity going for him man he’s literally about to be 20 years of the league and he just year before dropped 30 a game in real life so i mean listen man he’s gonna have longevity on his side but we got the raptors in the first one they got stefan marbury and tim duncan okay well here we go game one washington takes game two toronto takes game three washington takes game four okay we have a game five i think that rule gets changed in 2003 or 2004 to where um it becomes seven game series in the first round oh look at that they changed the whole thing but they didn’t do like a whole presentation thing saying welcome to the 2000 or anything like that they didn’t do that they did it for the 90s version but they didn’t do it for here anyway lebron driving okay they could get like an espn logo or something like that or nothing they couldn’t get nothing like that but this does look a lot cleaner though i gotta give him that statement driving pull up midi got it okay two point game let’s see what the raptors have in store i gotta give the tim duncan or someone chini get used to screen what the hell was that shot that was a terrible shot lebron with the ball bringing it you got you got to play bully ball here oh why are you passing it up to davis oh my god what a shot i’m not gonna lie this 2000 scoreboard is pretty hideous like it’s like like it’s like i could have made this in like microsoft paint like that that’s what it looks like and now it appears the raptors are fouling i don’t really know why when they have plenty of time to get a stop and then i don’t know maybe they don’t have any timeouts that could be why but still i don’t really see a reason for this but now they’re up three well here we go marbury with the ball get up just just disgusting pass like that was really bad we get one free throw in here we’ll just get out of here yeah it’s over no point in watching that until the end but tim duncan sorry bro is what it is lebron had broke something about him being in a is that buddy healed as ricky davis what the hell is 2k doing why is that i don’t know now we got boston who they got vin baker vlady devock and kendall gill this team was the first seat i believe they’re not even better than us but all right here we go game one wizards take game two wizards take game three boston taste game four wizards take game five okay i’d like in these last two years to get some good content games with lebron because again we really haven’t had that many i mean this game could be close if lebron somehow knocks down a quick three or two but i didn’t know he would be at the free throw line that’s kind of throwing me off oh he missed it oh he definitely missed that free throw all right lebron quick three something like that gonna use the screen lebron okay trying to navigate through using pump fakes nice shot all right well we gotta hope they missed some free throws first one up and it’s good second one come on just miss one that’s off yeah there we go we don’t even need a three here we can get a quick two uh we unless it’s wide open we’ll take it man actually losing this you gotta give it to lebron on the post bro there we go give it to lebron driving oh my there’s no way he smoked that and that miss i guess was the reason they lost because now they just lost in seven games lebron had thirty three five and eight pretty you know pretty and under performance for his usual game seven uh you know situation where he’d be dropping 50 and 60. but we’ll go to him at the plows and the hawks win the championship kobe okay well yeah i mean if you got cope with it you’re gonna be a pretty good basketball team so yeah even though lebron lost in the second round he obviously had a better year there than mj did on the wizard so we’re gonna give that point to lebron okay we got a lot of rule changes here first playoffs is now best of seven i’ll input my buzzer beater reviews okay i’ll change the floors and all that kind of stuff oh there we go okay now they’re gonna introduce it i was like why did they introduce the year before though okay so i guess because it starts in 2000 2003 but they still change the shot clock and the scoreboard everything like that okay whatever so charlotte bobcats joined the league the league advances six divisions social media i don’t know what that really means for the sim but okay but here we are in the final season of putting lebron james and mj shoes i mean it’s it’s been a fun ride but let’s see lebron probably closing this out nine to six and then he’ll be awarded additional points for essentially having a better career we’ll compare them we’ll see what happens let’s go okay lebron james is winning the mvp and what what year is this for him it’s like his 19th or 18th season right because well he got dropped at 84.85 so then uh 2000 2003 or 304 or three it’s either 17 18 tonight one of those years i think it’s 17th or 18th but still that far into your career and still winning mvps and average and 30 a game is insane yao ming rookie of the year dropping 21 and 10 for the sonic six minute of the year joe smith defensive player lebron as well yeah obviously he killed the mj here in this season and the wizard of the fourth steve we got boston in the first round they got vin baker and vladi divock okay game one i guess now it’s seven game series so i gotta watch out for that but uh okay we’re gonna lose the boss into the first shot what’s about to happen here okay we’re up three two i’m just gonna say it’s the final year okay we have a game seven i’ll step cast it if the series was like close and mj actually had a shot because at this point even if lebron loses here in the first round he still wins he won mvp and defensive player of the year and we’re actually going to get by here in this game seven so we’re going to the second round anyway lebron with 30 eight and nine pretty good game not bad again it’s not his usual 45 point per game game sevens but still pretty good and now we got the knicks in the second round who have jason terry okay i you know lebron is scared of jason terry so we’ll see what happens game one knicks take game two washington game three knicks game four washington game five knicks and okay we got another game seven listen as long as it goes game seven i’ll sim cast it i’ll give you i’ll give you guys that and uh looks like lebron’s gonna be losing here in game seven versus the knicks listen man sometimes jason terry is just too much for you i get it it’s no big deal it’s fine and we’ll simmer the playoffs and the kings are your champions allen iverson finals mvp isn’t that great to see and obviously lebron is going to get that point leaving us at a final of nine to six but as you guys saw on my mj lebron video i awarded three points to the player who had the better overall career and for lebron’s career he averaged 29 8 and 8 pretty much close enough but the man had 14 mvps and was a seven-time nba champion won defensive player of the year 11 times so yeah i think lebron also gets the nod for uh being the better overall player in mj shoes as well as well as the individual award per year basis so our actual final score here is going to be 12 to 6 lebron james but anyway that’s going to go ahead and do it for putting lebron james and mj shoes i hope you guys enjoyed if you guys didn’t go see putting mj in lebron shoes go ahead and watch the one i know it was on 2k 22 and you guys want to see 2k23 because why i want to see the old older game when the newer game’s out i got it but we’re gonna be pushing all content as much as we can and also on the second channel as well we’ll be doing my league videos over there but they’re gonna be much shorter like eight to 12 minute videos but it’s like stuff you can quickly digest and watch is kind of quick stuff i know my videos on this channel are like an hour long all that kind of stuff but i want to keep it like that because i like these long complicated videos that i take a lot of time to really be creative on so i’m gonna leave that channel being just like that but anyway i’m gonna go ahead and get out of here again thank you guys for watching we’re gonna have a great year 2k 23. i i just know it again father twitter if you want to be updated on videos all that kind of stuff but yeah all right yeah i think i’m done talking let’s get out of here one finger one pinky one thumb one love them out peace fade the black and uh you listen you gotta give it to mj e fought but there’s just some years where lebron just kind of gets automatically because mj you know either just was injured or just you know wizard years what you gonna do